Where to go after basic and phase 2?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Rhys_Cowe, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. I'm awaiting a date for Basic and was told around Jan/Feb 2012. Im going for armoured engineer and was just wondering where all the Royal Engineers are based, i know the majority are based in the UK but not exactly sure of where they are. Mostly i'm interested in being based in Germany so i was wondering if anyone could give me some details on where all the battalions are. I know its a while away before i have to submit my choice but I'd like to get as much info as i can.

    Also my second job choice was the para's and my office manager said i could train as an engineer and then go for P Coy and then serve in 16 air assault brigade. Forgive me if i have my details a bit off but it was a while ago since i spoke to him. Just wondering if anyone can shed some light as to at what point i could go for P Coy, if i actually can that is.

  2. One of our armoured lads had that idea too, was told he could go and jump out of a plane but as soon as the course was over he'd be coming back. There's not much call to chuck 62 tonne AVRE's out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft at 30,000ft you see.

    If you go armoured you'll be based in one of 5 (I think) regiments your whole career, currently there are 2 in Wiltshire, 1 in N Yorkshire and 2 in Germany but they'll be heading home sometime in the near future
  3. Thanks for the info Baby G. Much appreciated
  4. You could volunteer for para or commando training anytime after you complete training although I would give it a year or two, build up the fitness and experience. The Royal Engineers do not have Battalions, they have Regiments.
  5. No problem, as K13eod say's you can apply for the Para or Commando course at any point and I'd be suprised if anyone stood in your way but as an armoured engineer you wouldn't serve with 23 Engr Regt (or 24 Engr Regt) so soon as you complete the course and get the badge on your arm you'll have to come back to an armoured unit to carry on with your career.

    You need to be working on and operating the T2's to be upgraded from a class 3 to a class 2 in trade and get the pay rise that comes with it so you need to be serving in a unit that has access to those vehicles.
  6. I only know of one armoured engineer who has done P-Coy but he dropped his ME (Armd) qual and reverted back to being a driver.

    When you are one your B3 you will be asked to submit a posting preference, which will be UK south, UK north or Germany. Don't expect any logic in where you end up though. Most of the time the Scot will end up down south and the Londoner will end up in Ripon!!!
  7. bloody hell George get off the fence and stop being so cynical ;)
  8. Armoured cant do 23/24 until your fourth year in a unit shi't bust. Cant apply for EOD either I've been told. There are 3 postings in Germany 32 in Hohne, 28 in Hameln and 35 in Paderborn. Uk postings are 21 Ripon, 25/39 Waterbeach 23 Woodbridge, 36 Maidstone, 22/26 Perham down, 42 (GEO) Hermitage 33/101 (EOD), 24 Barnstaple.

    Treat yourself mate.
  9. Sadly mate the real answer (and also the unhelpful answer) is, you will go where you are told, its an assignment order, not an assignment request.And personally i dont agree with k13eod on this, as once you taste the armd life (pies,pies,pies) you wont want to go running like a loon especially if your in Germany living on gyros mit pommes washed down with krombacher.Good luck!
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll just go with the flow and see where i end up. I cant help but feel slightly disheartened about what my office manager said, he completely mis-sold it. I told him i was thinking of swapping my first and second job choice (putting para's as my primary choice) and that's when he told me i could get the best of both worlds. I must admit this is only because i'm a bit of a fitness freak and cant see myself not running around like a loon. There again, the Engineers will offer other things that Infantry cant.
  11. What ... you think the Corps has Battalions as well?
  12. You can be a fitness freak without jumping out of planes. Once you get to your unit make sure you tell your troop commander at every opportunity that you want to be a gym queen and get yourself a pretty crossed swords badge instead of the wings.

    You can then go out and spend all your spare cash on hair gel instead of pies like the rest of your tankie mates ;)
  13. I should have mentioned, fitness freak meaning i do a lot of mountain biking, running, swimming and rock climbing. NOT the action man look-a-like kind...
  14. So a typical PTI then :nod:

    If you especially like running and can do the PFT in round about 9 mins then it sounds like it'd be just up your street
  15. i think i'm way to far into the application process to change my choice. Although it is certainly something to think about.