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Where to get velcro badge for Osprey

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by RifleButts, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    I need to get a velcro badge thingymajig for my Osprey; standard sketch - Union Flag, zap no. and blood group. Being away from green (khaki now DPM is no more?) land for a few weeks, I don't have access to the usual array of military porn magazines which peddle this stuff, so would be grateful if anybody could recommend somewhere to order one.

  2. Global military supplies.

    They also do the ones with your cap badge on it.
  3. kitmonster
  4. Bde instructions for H18 state Zap tags can't be worn on Osprey, only allowed on day sacks, the only badges allowed on Osprey are the ISAF badge, little Afg flag and a tac velcro badge. Zap numbers are to be written inside the flaps of trousers and shirts/ubacs. But you would know that wouldn't you ?
  5. Whats the reasons for this (if any)?

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  6. I'm not on H18, and just following our unit policy. I will check that I didn't misread it though.
  7. FFS, do you want someone to hold your hand as well?
  8. **** knows mate, I just followed the instructions as ordered???? same instructions state absolutely NO tape on helmet rims and helmets must be scrimmed up with cloth strips....
  9. Please, but only if you moisturise.

    Really though, I fail to see what the drama is. Some places make shite that will fall apart if you breathe in it, some places make decent things. No harm in asking.

    This policy seems to yo-yo every tour. Scrim, no scrim, tape, no tape...
  10. Just go to your tailoress and get her to make one, if you haven't got one find out what the other lads are doing. Coming onto a forum asking about such a simple thing shows you aren't ready.....what will you do if you come across a real life and death problem? Come on to arrse to find out what to do?
  11. And the wild extrapolation of the day award goes to... As I said in the OP, I'm away from work for a few weeks, and would like to get this admin squared. In lieu of being able to ask around, Arrse is a good substitute.
  12. Ebay, £10 quid delivered for 2 x Zap tags, number, blood Gp and rank, with free union jack patch. But to be honest mate you really should be able to find that out yourself? Its what others are hinting at...
  13. In other words, you are just a lazy **** who cannot be arsed to do the simplest thing yourself. Did you not think that you could use your initiative (it does appear you don't have any) to ring your mates (if you have any) at work and ask them to get that done for you or ask them what they are doing. Or a simple google as others have done here for you.