Where to get football tickets?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TheMinister, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. I'd like to take the old man to the emirates for his birthday (west ham, 20th march). Clicking about for tickets- arsenal themselves are no help; it's all members only and whatnot.

    So in a more generalized sense, that might help future people with the same question:

    Where can I buy tickets online that is safe, reliable and quick?

    I was looking at livefootballtickets.com, has anybody used them?

    If I do buy some of the available tickets, what are the chances they won't work when I get there?

    Quick responses appreciated.
  2. Ticketline in Cardiff might be able to help, they are on line or call 02920 230130 I have been useing them for years and as yet never had a problem, if there are tickets available they can help
  3. Try posting on the gooners thread as well.
  4. Try The Gooner: Gooner Forum check the dodgy sellers list first though....

    It might even be worth signing both of you up for Red Membership and buying from the club. Quick google is bringing up prices between £130 - £200 each so you'd probably end up saving money!!
  5. Thanks for that one, no bites yet but it looks like the place to be.

    You or others wouldn't happen to be a red member yourselves at all? I think signing up for red may be the way to go, but only if there's tickets left in the exchange. Anybody able to take a look?
  6. I've just had a look and the exchange is showing nothing avaliable.

    From what I've heard though you need to be logging on several times a day to check, as they get snapped up fairly quickly.

    As I'm sure you know just about every game is a sell out, so unless you get lucky on one of the forums you're going to end up paying through the nose....