Where to get an XBox 360

Ive never been much of a console fan myself so it's something I have never really investigated.

My son is after an xbox 360 for his birthday in Feb, does anyone have any recommendations on type to get or any good priced placed (highstreet or online) to get one?

Any valid input appreciated
Serious answer:

Try your nearest Cash converters, post Chrimbo they'll be flooding in as people realise how f ucking skint they are, and as well as picking up a bargain, you'll be able to add the extra spice that you're preying on someone elses misery... just thinking about it is giving me a hard on.

Normal 28 day type guarantees apply, but have a word with the vulture who runs the place to ensure you're covered.
If your son is into the call of duty series or even just the modern warfare games he'd love the modern warfare super elite xbox 360, the modern warfare edition console comes custom painted with the modern warfare insignia on it, the modern warfare 2 game comes with it and 2 controllers, in a bundle you often normally get one.

Modern warfare 2 alone will keep him happy most of the year! but it is mainly an online game, xbox live required.
Xbox live costs £40 for the year or you can pay £14 every 3 months. Plus you'd need an xbox 360 wireless connecter (£50-60!) for your router or if its close you can hardline it with ethernet cable which is supplied. I just use the ethernet cable with mine but the cable is only 2 or 3 metres long, if that.

Although I would suggest going for an Elite (I have one) or super elite console (most reccent model) as the originals, I believe, suffer badly from the red ring of death. The elite and super elite have been upgraded to prevent this problem but still some suffer from it, mainly from overheating.

The "red ring of death" is where the normally green ring at the front of the console flashes red and console refuses to start up. It's a problem that occurs over time with overheating and components separating themselves from the motherboard I believe.
Although microsoft have extended their warranty due to this known problem, even after the extended warranty comes to and end at the console suffers from this problem they wont be able to help you!

All this aside I've had my console for nearly 2 years. I dont leave it on for excessive periods of time and its kept in a well ventilated area, and I've never had any problems with it so far.

Either way I would suggest buying from the highstreet, especially game. They will give what help they can with any problems, ive never had problems with my local game.

Hope this helps

Relevant links:

I'd do a bit of research on specific models before buying second hand. I got one from ebay 3 years ago and it lasted a week. As mentioned above, newer models are more reliable, but you need to know what you are looking for. Some info here on how to spot the later consoles http://www.360drives.com/howto
Thanks for the info.

I was doing a bit of research on some of the models last night and had pretty much decided on an Elite but will look over those sites tonight aswell (damn company internet police wont let me view a lot of stuff!).
I too would recommend buying from a shop, like Game.

Game are usually doing 2 top games + console for circa £200 or 3 good games + console for circa £200.

Just remember it'll cost you about £300 eventually, once you've factored in:
•2x £10 for rechargable controller battery and charging lead (the controllers only come with pods you put AAs in, and in the long term its much cheaper to buy rechargables)
•1x £35 for controller
•1x roughly £30 for Game's own cover, which is worth having as it covers the console and it's controllers, and is much simpler than sending off to Microsoft.
•£10-15 for the component cable if you're not using an HD TV, or you want to use a computer screen as your screen.

It's all a bit of a con as you'd expect those above things really, but such is life.

But yeah, Game is definately my recommendation. Don't go to cash converters because whilst it would be cheap, if it goes wrong after a measley 4 weeks, your son will be wondering why you can't just take it back to the shop, and you'll be footed with a £300 to go buy another one... meaning it'll have cost you a hell of a lot more than if you just bought from a reputable dealer in the first place!
Also, if you look on ebay, a lot of people are getting rid of their xboxes because they have been "chipped" DO NOT buy a chipped xbox360 because microsoft wont allow you to connect to the live service. this is the reason that a lot of xbox's have appeared on ebay recently.

Also if you buy one from Game ask for the GAME loyalty card to be set up, because if you are buying a console you get extra points and they can be put towards future games/hardware purchases, and you can use them online to buy from their site. If you go into there shop and dont have your loyalty card with you, just quote your postcode and they can put the points on for you.

I bought a PS3 just before xmas and got enough points back to qualify for £16 off future games etc. (only bought it for MW2)

A cheap place to buy Xbox live is ebay, usually cheaper than anyone else, you pay and they just send you a code via email and this works.

If your boy gets a headset, (for xbox live and online gaming) be aware that their is other numpties on there so there will be a lot of swearing, its not always possible to filter this out, but something to bear in mind.

Also check with your ISP provider that you have sufficient download package to cover playing online. if you have the basic package you will end up paying more for all those extra gigs so in the long run it may be better to get unlimited download package.

hope this helps you out
I got an xbox 360 arcade, fifa 2010, forza motorsport 3 (both £40+ games) and a wireless controler for £160 from asda last week if thats any help mate.
All the EggBoxes made since November 2009 have new internals and shouldn't fail. If you are willing to stay up late I got a 6 month old one for £60, finished at 3am but it remains the best bargain ever!
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