where to get ally kit and how to make it even more ally

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by panasonic, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. obviously the best place, if unreliable, is ebay. the kit is used, muddy, battered, modded, has non issue bits and is uber cheap.

    other places include-
    -jay jays
    -hm supplies( occasionally)

    if anyone has any more, post away and let me know.

    if anyone knows where to get a yank load bearing vest in reasonable condition or has one, let me know as i am looking for one( but not from ebay)

    to make your brand shiny new kit allyer(?), there are a number of things you can do that are quite easy beginning with simply using it, if failing that( dont know how you cant use it) simply go out to a farmers field after a large rainfall and submerge said item of kit( usually webbing, smocks, and other items that usually get filthy on ops). make sure that the item isnt caked in mud, but has mud adhered to it. next leave to dry on fence whilst you continue with the rest of your 'washing'. when all of your kit is dry, go to the nearest dirt road, don as much kit as possible and roll in the dirt and dust for as long as needed to get a good layer of dust/animal droppings/grass stains/ blood taken from roadkill etc. leave all affected kit to dry/permeate in a drying room. when its all dry take it out once again and proceed to beat it against the nearest hard, flat surface until all caked grime is gone, but still has severe staining. brush last of mud/crap off by hand. now its time to 'distress' your new filthy/clean kit. exacerbate any holes that may have appeared whilst 'washing' and 'drying' your kit, it shouldnt tear any more then you want it to. you can use sandpaper on corners of pouches and pockets. basically make it look 3-6 yrs old of good use has suddenly appeared on the stuff you got a week ago. next you can sew para cuffs to the smock, add roll pin belt to webbing, have all webbing pouches sewn on to the belt and maybe add double material to the elbows and knees of smock/trousers. also sew in creases to your trouser. its easy to ally up your boots, just buy a pair of beaten to sh1t matterhorns/danners/lowas/altbergs and bin your assault boots if you still wear them.

    by the way, if your kit 'died' during this process, then it was never ally in the first place and you are obviously a walt who knows nothing of the godliness of allyness.
  2. Gotta be a cadet, 2 posts on allyness - the secret it not to try too hard.
  3. or starts basic tomorrow................

    cant decide.
  4. would a cadet actually know that much about kit? i seriously doubt it. a cadet just thinks that it is what it is and you cant really change it. this is why they are typically seen with webbing(or god forbid viper assault vests)( all 4 pouches of it) bouncing around their armpits, immaculatley ironed and polished uniforms in the field and brand new s2000 dpms. . not that i research the history of such items, but i am somewhat of a kit enthusiast in particular webbing and its endless list of accessories( speed loader clipped on the outside anyone?)( not worn by me, mine was elsewhere...)
  5. What Reg you in?
  6. Sorry my mistake - as if i thought you was a cadet, Obviously an airsofter.
    Silly me.
  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Ally kit? Just do as much field work as you can, and it sort of creeps up on you...!

    But still, perculiar you are!
  8. AGC

    Shite WAH btw.
  9. Think you will find the Viper Rig based on the South African Design (more than 4 pouches!) is not a bad bit of kit and will fit over Osprey Armour...something the issue kit will not do very easy.... :p

  10. I think cadet who reads this website too much.

  11. I meant panasonic btw, not me ffs! (I'm speshul) 8O
  12. LOL...Oop's
  13. I'm inclined to agree with CF on this, I smell wah. It's that time of night, on a Sunday, and its a new member making boring posts about allyness.

    Never trust people that don't have an avatar pic...
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