Where to get a TAM?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by eddzzz, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Deleted - Probably not the best question I could ask on here.

  2. Why do you need your own TAM? Will you be joining up?

    Or will it sit on your bookshelf for you to 'walt' off to your Grandchildren?
  3. You do realise there are lots of different versions of TAM's, depending on your chosen trade? and of course amendments with different inserts.
  4. Well I'm going to do my TACC next summer and then joining up full time when I graduate.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Don't fret, you'll be issued the latest one when you go on the regular CC
  6. Along with a Dictionary......btw, are you allowed to graduate without being able to spell simple, common use words like 'Delete'?...The correct spelling is even written on the keyboard FFS!

    I try not to be a pedantic grammar Nazi and often ignore the writing errors on here, it's no big deal right? But I was supposedly educated at a single sex South London Comprehensive school in the early 70's, surrounded by 1000 other lunatics, and it would be believed by people a lot younger than me, that our schooling was old fashioned and not effective, yet even a thuggish gobshite like me can spell better than Mr 'Lend me your TAM cos I'm going to be degree educated don't cha know'.

    Standards?.....Better fed, better clothed and better facilities or opportunities than I ever had.....all it has done is produce a bunch of lazy, idle, workshy b*stards who think that they do not need to worry about the written word because they have the automatic right to claim that they are better educated than those of previous generations.

    Feckin Knobs.
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  7. No Ed, put it back to 'Deleated' like your first post......tut, tut, that editing at 19.38 was very sneaky.

    Well done! Ideal orrifice material.
  8. When I took my lads primary teacher to task over his shite speelin the crone actually said that it did not matter because when he started work he'd have spellcheck ! Once I was hauled off the ceiling I pointed out that he'd not GET work if he could not spell. - and last week the bigger lad comes home with a piece of "Business Studies" work where writing about a "some of money" was not commented upon. Modern teachers have a lot to answer for.
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  9. Thank you for your reply. I have no shame in admitting my spelling error, and you made me aware of it, hence I corrected it. Surely that's what you would do? The reason why I said I was going to join up after I graduate was in reply to the question:
    I too was educated in a single sex comprehensive school in East Manchester. I am a firm believer of "What you put in life is what you get out of it." I haven't got my degree or am I an officer yet, therefore, I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life, whether I actually want to go into the army full-time or not. There is too much of a stereotype of officers but I assure will never be lazy, idle or workshy when doing my job.

    I take it you mean officer?
  10. Ha ha, Feckin hell.......(stiffles laughter)...pause to get breath... er yes, Ed, you are absolutely correct, I do mean 'Officer' ....(bursts out laughing again).

    Ok, fair play for getting back to me and for the explanation. Not needed as you could have just told me to 'Do one' but nice of you all the same.

    A few pointers.

    On this site absolutely no one is safe from ridicule ....it's often well meaning and tongue in cheek, but sometimes hateful and offensive. You could ask the most simplest of questions and someone may just dive in and abuse the feck out of you, leaving you thinking 'Where the feck did that come from?' ...just smile at it because mainly it's a useful tool to stop any of us getting too full of ourselves.

    Second point. It is a deeply entrenched traditon that Officers are there for their effect on the morale of the troops...usually by trying to destroy it! lol....or to make us fall about with laughter at their actions and words.

    But often they are 'decent chaps', who sometimes, depending on the Regiment, go through the same shite as us, and we can form a deep affection for them.

    However, there comes a point when their career begins to mean something to some of them and just like a 'careerist' in any organisation, things change. Nuff said and I am generalising, but to get on in an ever shrinking Army you may have to become a different animal than what you were previously.

    As part of this tradition, we have little pet names for them such as Ruperts, Orrifice, feckin **** chops, sheeps cnut, stuck up tosser, etc...the list is endless, hopefully, you soon get to know whether your nickname is said with affection or hatred.

    TBH, If you are thinking of going down that route, check out the TA/OTC and/or Regular Officer Recruiting threads as you'll get a lot more useful advice on there than from a tw*t like me.

    Take it easy.
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  11. I suggest getting a soft copy one from the Electronic Battle Box, with any special to arms inserts you would find useful.

    Your instructors should be able to supply this easily.

    That is better for desk study, because it is searchable. For use in the field print off the handful of pages you really need and put them in a Filofax along with some blank paper for making notes.
  12. I am currently in the OTC and I've just entered my second year and all is well at the moment. Thanks for your advice. I'll take that on board for the future.

    "Orrifice" is a new one for me. I've heard a few of the others but never that one.

  13. Cheers Mobat I will have a look
  14. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Educated in East Manchester, which school, prey tell?