Where to find info on the Chindits in WW2?

The recent Burma events have reminded me, that my Grandpa fought in the Chindits in Burma. Would anyone know where can find further info about what he did out there etc? Is there like somewhere i could find records etc?

thanks 8)
A good first hand account is “Beyond the Chindwin” by Bernard Fergusson other than that I think Field Marshal Slims war memoirs “Defeat into Victory” cover the event. As I recall he believed it to have been of questionable strategic help.
Do you know, or can you find out, which regiment he was in as 'The Chindits' was quite a large formation? There should be plenty on the web that will give you the background before you start digging deep.
Excellent Jose Wales,
outstanding web sites on the war in Burma. I have just sent them to my 88 year old friend who is a vet of Burma 42-45.
He will be pleased to see a movie with his old Commander Gen Smyth VC who commanded at the disasterous Battle of the Sitting in early 42.
John Masters, 'Road Past Mandalay'.

The second part of his autobiographical trilogy. Masters was Bridage Major of 111 Indian Infantry Brigade, part of the second chindit operation and took over command of the Brigade when is commander Brigadier Lentaigne took over the whole chidit force on Wingates Death.

The operations were controversial, in so much as the units used had very few effectives at the end of the opporations due to disease, as well as ememy action.
John Masters when in command of 111 Brigade was
Sub Lt, Wartime only Capt, Acting Major commanding a brigade of six infantary battalions.
Not bad.
Well worth a read.
Contact us or the Burma star organisation burmastar at btconnect.com

Over the years we have met quite a few Chindits while taking them back to where they fought. We have made a couple of videos pf some of the people we know.

Brigadier Michael Calvert DSO and Bar was undoubtedly the most successful of General Orde Wingate's Special Force Commanders in Burma. He gained international fame as a result of his exploits in command of the 77th Chindit Brigade. In this video he discusses his memories of Burma, the characters, the actions, the RAF/USAAF, the ordinary Chindit and of course, Wingate. This video is supported by contemporary newsreel footage and photographs.

Running time: approx 51 minutes
Suggested donation: Video - £10

Available separately, these two unique films cover the journeys of World War Two Burma veterans on their Pilgrimages to either the Chindit area of operations or Arakan on the west coast. They contain exclusive interviews with the veterans where they fought or served in places such as White City, Blackpool, Maungdaw and Akyab. Supported by original film/photos from 1944.

Running time: Chindit approx 40 minutes; Arakan approx 30 minutes.
Suggested donation: DVD - £10 each; Video - £10 each

All five titles are available for £45 - save £10!


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