where to find bees wax

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by remf_crow, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. I have not long turned up to my unit. i am in dire need of some bee's wax for my boots. The unit i am at is very small and secluded and consiquently has no PRI shop in which i have always relied on to buy the wax. does anyone know of any civi shots in which i can get it. Rememberance parade is coming up so ill need it pretty sharpish!!!
  2. Where are you ??
  3. Try a Saddlery (where they sell horse equipment).
  4. Or an antiques or furniture shop.

    Or Google.

    Or ask your Q if he/she has any.
  5. cheers, iv found the stuff before bt its a lot softer, do ya know any other stuff you can use or is bees wax the only stuff for the job?
  6. You need beeswax that comes in a solid block, which is 100% pure wax.

    You may have picked up a furniture or saddle polish which is a cream containing beeswax.
  7. Have you tried polish :?
  8. These guys sell it Leathermills.co.uk Look at the bottom the the page. Not sure whether £1 per 20g block is good.

    Perhaps you can help me in exchange. How do you use bees wax?
  9. iv looked and i cant find the solid stuff, unless im not looking in the right place
  10. [​IMG]

    Try looking at the link I posted near the top of the page :roll:
  11. i dont know if the way i use it is best, but its worked for me in the past.

    using a small blow torch, you heat the leather on your boot and rub the wax block into the leather. you keep doing this untill the boot hardens. its a little more envolved than that but thats basicly how it works. if this is done properly, it limits movement in the boot which, when bulled will stop the polish from cracking straight off
  12. cheers, i think im pretty much sorted now!
  13. QMs Dept, it is available through the system if they can be bothered demanding it. They may have some on the shelf.