Where to Buy Kit?

There are plenty of punters on eBay selling used kit. Can anyone enlighten me on where to buy new original kit? I've got to equip a major project in Africa.

Specifically I need to procure:

18x 24 tents x 40
Latest cot bed x 500
Field kitchens

Any leads appreciated.

Yeah but they were locked up for arms dealing and were very expensive.
Someone getting greedy !! ... A few moons back my employer bought 2 Foden's from them to ship them off to Nigeria , we converted them into Slickline units for the Oil Industry , the kit they had was unbelievable !!!
Anchor Supplies Nottingham.

The web page is a load of shite from 1998 knocked up by mildred in the back office but they are a genuine surplus seller and they will have tents, they also do field kitchens.

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