Where to buy H4H wrist bands?

Hi just a quick question,

where can i buy the Help the Heros wristband on the highstreet?

just tried to order one online but it;s £4 delivery, i dont mine paying £6 for it, its just £4 of it wont go the cause.
Try using the search facility you will find a number of topics on the same subject.

There is a possablilty that your local halfords might sell them, or buy lots and sell them to your mates
Try Halfords mate they are a sponsoring Corporate partner.

Alternatively Call 0906 111 70 70 at any time and leave your name and address. You will be sent one Help For Heroes wristband for each completed. Calls cost £2.50 you will get your wristband in about 5 days.

Make the call now !!!!


War Hero
Buy a sh*tload and pass them onto your mates as their christmas or birthday presents!

All for a good cause


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Just ordered mine.
Thanks to Killaloe for the link.

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