Where to buy Aku Navy Seal boots?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by rhodopsin, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. So, I am fairly set on buying some of these: AKu Navy Seal boots. Likely in black, as I am intending to where them for army use.

    But ive actually searched the web and there really arent that many places that seem to sell them. The shops i normally use: Silvermans, Drop zone supplies, Soldier of fortune, John Bulls etc. dont sell them. where are blokes buying these things?

    best offer ive seen is from trekit in hereford (which i never heard of before) for 125 pounds.

    Ive read on back threads of arrse that they can be got a lot cheaper from the usa. but with google i havent had any joy in finding any us outlets i can buy from - indeed any us outlets that sell them at all.

    Anyone know a cheap(er) place to buy these boots?
  2. Why do you want them? Because SF get issued them?


    Cheapest i've seen is £149, so I'd go for the ones at £125 if I were you
  3. they will definitely make you a better soldier
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  4. arnt these now banned along with the rubber helmet rim
  5. Overrated.
  6. You would have to be mad to spend money on them, they are useless for anything other than cutting around camp. Luckily i was given mine for free, but other than looking a bit ally, they're pretty shit to be honest.
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  7. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Don't buy them as, no doubt, you'll be given the opportunity to request them when you join THEM next week.

    Oh, and also... get yourself spellcheck and a guide to apostrophes and the use of where/were/wear and the capiatal key for a new sentence.

    Other than that, have fun.
  8. Couldn't agree more mate!!
  9. He isn't joining, Ritch will put pay to that!!
  10. Brecon or Hereford have them in large quantities. Or just google it. They are light as feck but you can't use them for anything more arduous than a jog to the naafi, due to total lack of ankle support. Unless you are them, and your ankles are invincible.

    Edited to add: Normally retail for around £160 in a shop, so anything cheaper is.. erm... cheap.
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  11. To be fair I don't rate them, but to be fair after 6 mths on tour with 40% of my unit wearing them there was no snapped ankles. I prefer the innov8 boots
  12. Shoite. Don't waste your coin.

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  13. If you're going to where them for army use that'll be ok! :frustrated:

    ******* Dick Splash!!!!!!!:yawn:
  14. The irony!