Where there's blame there's a claim

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by eodmatt, Apr 21, 2011.

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  1. The character-building experience and party piece should be enough...
  2. I took a **** load of incoming off the missus, but **** me I still larfed!!!!!! Talk about being kicked while your down.........
  3. She wasn't that ill if she managed to swim for long enough to get picked up.
  4. I was thinking the same,malingerer bill her for the rescue and charge her for the sheets that got lost
  5. She didn't need to swim. Look at the size of the fat ****. No wonder they dropped her. The photo looks like a still from "Free Willy" She'd float forever with that blubber, and be perfectly insulated from the cold.
  6. Wish there was a video of this event.
  7. Oh yeah with her in between the two ships as they crash into each other.
  8. If she dies? 5 years ^^
    Already heard that they are looking into procedures for patient transfer. Someone is for the chop. Unlucky fella!
  9. You would have thought she would have been tightly secured/strapped onto the stretcher for the transfer? How come she slipped out instead of plummeting down to the bottom of the North Sea...? Bad drills if you ask me, they need to look at their fastening techniques so next time they don't let one of these old fekers escape.....

    The look on the face of the guy dropping the stretcher would have been the picture I'd want to see...
  10. Nothing now - news thang reports that she died on Thursday night (wonder why the Infirmary only confirmed this today?)
  11. They have been waiting for her to de-frost?
  12. Not surprised that she died. Who in their right minds would want to be transferred to a UK hospital, or have someone transferred?
  13. I hear she only went in with complaints of a headache!
  14. She died, husband blames noone and isn't suing anyone. Typical Cumbrian no-nonsense grit

    Unfortunately the HSE flaggellators will still investigate and "no blame" someone

    ******* idiots though....

    Posted from vessel in antarctic sea at 10 meters