Where the hell has this come from? At Last!!!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. Bloody hell, we've finally got our own forum. Probably for the best to split the OTC and ACF up, as can be seen from the "CCF" thread.

    ACF Questions here I suppose!
  2. what is your 'beef' with the CCF lot? most ACF detchments ive come across on camp have stuck their noses up at us but i notice that our unit is far better in areas than some ACF units (note i said SOME not ALL before you have a big go). Am just looking for your opinion on the CCF from where you are. www
  3. Here we go again :roll:

    When will people realise that the standard of cadets from both the CCF and the ACF will vary!? Some CCF cadets are very good others are not and the same must apply to ACF cadets. Let's not turn this into another "my detachment is better than yours" thread, please!
  4. :lol: geordie.
    Aiming to do nothing of the sory Radovan, just curious. my boys get awful touchy when apparently acf guys are better than them however we beat them in a drill competition or such like. its a friday, had a few wets, im allowed exceptions on crap posts!! www
  5. The words "my boys" and "touch" in the same sentence is morally wrong, especially where cadets are concerned.
  6. woah, sorry should have picked up on that one meself! will choose words more carefully next time just for you!! www
  7. aye sounds like you had a bad experience as cadet Blerky :wink:

    wonder why you hang around the ACF forums :D
  8. Nope, on the contrary, all experiences as a member of the ACF were extremely positive. It's where I learnt that sperm tastes of fishy cucumber and my own "G" spot is 4 1/2 inches deep and 30 degrees to the left.
  9. sound like the usual put downs from you blerky, i expect nothing less, please don't try to raise your standard as we couldn't fit your head through the door of the nearest ACF unit :lol:
  10. Muppet!

    I wasn't referring to the CCF thread, I was on about how the thread got hijacked by the OTC into a "mines better than yours" contest. In what part of my message did I whinge about the CCF.
  11. Looks like Berky has a chip on his shoulder...Not to mention the rather sad clip he has associated himself with. I was hopping the mods would have been a bit better at getting rid of pathetic posts like that...
  12. ccf is compulsory at some schools, some are not. settled.
  13. i think its a disgrace its obligatory in some schools, its just like a past time like football however your not forced to do that. also, a few lads in our unit are made to go and you can tell them from the rest, they have no desire or commitment thus bringing the overall standards down. if you enjoy, your obvioulsy going to try hard. www
  14. To be fair I had asked for this a while ago but GCO has been too busy to get ni and make the changes.
  15. About time - a chance for us ACF bods to have some serious discussion without it being polluted by the likes of Bennett and other OTC knob-jockeys.

    How do you become a moderator? As one of the more 'learned' members of the forum (Xplosiverab's words not mine) I think I'd be up to the challenge.