Where the hell did this come from?

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by Queensman, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Am I mistaken, or is this a blatant bit of positive discrimination/political correctness bollox?

    A Goorka forum? WTF? Why aren't they in the Infantry/Sigs/etc - so much for equality and a 'one army' concept.

    Simply an expensive sentimental anachronism (spelt rong I no). Mag to Grid the lot of 'em!
  2. Presumably, somebody asked for a Gurkha forum and the Mods obliged. I can't see a problem with it, in the same way that I can't see a problem with the messes forums. You don't have to enter it if you don't like it.

    - now I'll scoot back to familiar territory.
  3. Second what PIMH said, it's an optional forum. Has been interesting to see how many posters have vented spleen or regurgitated the old prejudices. :roll: would be interesting to hear an original complaint/whinge.

    Gurkhas whether sigs/inf/rlc/Engr are treated or counted differently. They used not to be included in the ethnic surveys. Similarly the wider ranges of religously correct food wasn't produced for them or with much input. One gurkha battalion was asked to take part in trials and didn't as they were quite happy with the ones currently issued. (thoughts were HQBG didn't want the brigade to be perceived as difficult/fussy and thus give ammunition to it's detractors)
  4. Say what you like. The Gurkhas have always regarded themselves as a thing apart witness the way that their recruit company at Catterick is actively discouraged (= forbidden) to mix with the other recruits. Prejudiced? Of course many of us are but its got nothing to do with the soldiers themselves and everything to do with a system that seeks to perpetuate a way of life that went the way of all flesh nearly 60 years ago. They thrive on a mythology, sustain themselves on it all the time totally unable to see that they are no betteror worse than any other soldiers in this Army yet they expect to be treated differently. HQBG? The less said the better.
  5. I would be very interested to learn who on this thread has recent Gurkha (1st hand) experience (and how much) as there are what I belive to be quite a few out dated views and opinions being voiced.

    A Nepali recruit into the Bde of Gurkhas is not 'technically' a Gurkha until he has passed-out of ITC Catterick, so they are discouraged from doing 'anything' that will jearpordise their chances of success. These recruits are all as keen as mustard, rarely give less than 100% effort and are very competetive. In my experience, reputation for a new Gurkha Pte is taken far more seriously that his British or Commonweallth counterpart and stems from their generally 'honourific' culture.

    Having spent time serving with Gurkhas in Hong Kong, Nepal and the UK, I have seen them at their best and worst. However, the modern Gurkha soldier is much more educated (those who enter the Corps units generally to O/A level standard), wordly wise (radio, TV and the internet are all pretty common in Nepal now-a-days) and capable (very willing and able to re-role).

    I have served with some QGO's who are just as as capapable as either GCO's or British Officers of the same ranks, their only limits being that they recive different training. QGO education is along similar lines to Brit LE education vis-a-vis, lots of experience then onto LEOC, but unlike the top LE candidates, QGO's are unable to progress beyond the rank of Maj.

    IMO, when it comes to teamwork, the majority of Gurkhas are better than the majority to Brits. However as individuals they require strong leadership, as compared to their British counterparts, their formative years have been spent in a 'very' differnt environment. Most problems with Gurkhas arise when they experience poor leadership or unacceptable behaviour.
  6. As far as I am concerned relatively recently - in the last 12 months.
  7. Smallbrownprivates said:

    It is interesting that anyone daring to challenge the myth of the Gurkha is painted with 'venting spleen' or trotting out 'old prejudices'. This is a knee-jerk defence mechanism usually triggered when reasonable answers can not be found to reasonable questions.

    We still await sbp or john-gurkha's response to sensible and legitimate questions on the Value of the Gurkha thread.

    Mr Logtastic said:

    Good point although it raises some interesting questions. Why are these capable men, serving in the British Army not holding key comd appointments in regts? Where are the Gurkha Bn COs? How many Gurkha Sigs and Engr Regts have Sqn's commanded by Gurkhas? We all agree they are capable and this is proven by the Gurkhas commanding at similar level and above in the Nepalise and Indian Armies. So why not in the British Army? Is this prejudice or is this a concern over trust?

    Why do British Gurkhas need to be commanded by white british Officers?
  8. Spent some time with the Gurkhas, never had a problem with them. In fact I enjoyed the experience so much, I'd go back given the chance.

  9. PLease keep this thread on subject. Numnums some of us have a day job and I believe that some of this has already been covered by other posters in the Value of a Gurkha thread. Will give you my informed opinion very soon. In the mean time all keep this rather meaningless thread on subject.
  10. John_gurkha said:

    I have a day job to it's just that mine is in Australia therefore I tend to post at other hours to you. The joys of a global internet. Besides my thread was in response to other posters.

    Back on thread. I agree with Queensman. Gurkha topics have been discussed in the relevent Arms Forums before and that's where they should stayu. What, are we to have a Prince Of Wales Division forum next?
  11. In response to the whole of this thread. There are a lot of changes potentially about to happen to Gurkha Terms and Conditions of Service. The reason why this section of the board was opened was so that a focus for RGR, QOGLR, QGE and QG SIGNALS could be set up to assist with explaining those changes and to ensure a reasonably wide distribution of the information as required.

    If you have no interest in these particular subjects or are going to continually undermine the attempt to provide relevant information to those that need it then don't post here and go back to the Inf specific subjects on the Inf board. To be honest the subjects that will be posted here (the leave thread is a prime example) have no real relevance to the infantry only to Gurkhas, it would merely disappear in the noise in the Inf Board.

    Do any of you have a problem with that? If so let me know and I will take it up with both Bad and Good COs.

    BTW If you do want a Prince of Wales Division Board, subsections could be arranged in the Inf Board. Let your moderator know and I am certain he will get it sorted for you.
  12. Thank you for that John. I look forward to the discussions with interest. I'm not sure who you are refering to about undermining this flow of information as I have read through all posts in all threads on this Gurkha forum and I see only a lot of reasonable questions and debate. In fact we await replies to a number of serious and reasonably put questions on the Value of a Gurkha thread.

    Finally if you want to establish yourself as a reasonable Moderator then don't go threatening people with running to the COs, it's pathetic and I'm sure you are better than that.
  13. Numnums you have once more misunderstood. I was volunteering to take up your problems with the COs on your behalf for them to ultimately make a decision. If you have a problem with my moderation perhaps you should PM Bad CO personally and not send it through me after all.
  14. Instead of all this bolloxs John why don't you just debate or discuss the issues I (and others) raise. Is it because you don't have answers? In which case just say so. You wanted a special Gurkha Forum to discuss Gurkha issues and you got it. You cannot be selective about who can come into this forum to take part in the discussions. No one asked you to raise issues or problems with the COs you raised that. Still awaiting answers to reasonable questions challenging your wonderful mythical presentation of the Gurkhas.
  15. I believe the Gurkha forum was intended to be somewhere they could safely hold barbecues without QUEENS officers exploding?? :twisted: