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Where the fuck are all these horses coming from?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mexeman, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. In the light of the horse meat scandal in regard to our beloved burgers et al, where did this mountain of horse flesh come from? We aren't talking about a couple of previously loved gymkhana ponies but truckloads of the notoriously fucking unpredictable critters.
    Any of you guys missing your daughters mount?
  2. Gyppos.
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  3. You could be right J, but there are only so many piebald, hobbled nags on council verges and I don't think that that is enough to fulfil Findus' hunger.
  4. err what did you just say? :eek:
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  5. Someone always lowers the tone of intelligent debate....
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  6. It's them filthy gyppo's they're everywhere the stinky travelling, shitting everywhere cunts.
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  7. Horses die in their hundreds every month. Plenty to go around, and at about £300-£500 for a big horse carcass it's worth flogging the meat.

    Interestingly horse meat is the only stock animal whose meat becomes more tender with age. It may be a waste of time to flog an old horse but you sure as shit can shoot it in the head and cut its fillet off for steak.
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  8. At least when BSE was a problem I could buy loads of cheap beef, what use is this crisis?
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  9. I suppose if you were quick you could corner the market in 2nd hand horseshoes.
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  10. Personally, I will eat anything if it tastes good. I eat moose on a regular basis. Eating horse is a taboo within the British Isles which seems to be a historical and cultural no no.
  11. I couldn't walk wearing them I've only got little feet.
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  12. Who,said its just horses, cat dog rats a plenty.
  13. I'm sure it doesn't apply to you, but you know what they say about the size of a mans feet....
  14. I know I'm tall and don't have a stable base.
  15. Im a size 13, 6ft 3 and i can tell you right now , thats bollocks!! A guy at 5ft 5 with an average love truncheon looks like a tripod, but the taller you get with an average one...

    Of course if any ladies are reading this, im only kidding, if i told you how big it was you would think i was talking in centimetres.