Where the f*ck is my Regiment? HELP! Please...

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by -=2RTR=-Somnus, May 24, 2007.

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  1. Ya...

    So the SITREP is this:

    I'm stuck in stupid Canada... And have been trying to contact my Regiment for the last month... More then likely, sods law says they've listed me as f*cking AWOL... I'm currently in the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, Falcon SQN... My boys are in Afganistan and all I want to do is get out there to keep em safe! Thing is the MOD nore anyone else has a bloody number I can use to contact my CMO or even the bloody guard room! I really need help boys! If any of you have a number for 2RTR Guard room or maybe even the CMO that will work from stupid Canada then please...PLEASE send it my way via email... Don't need some JUNDY c*nt prank calling the guard room with IED threats!

    I have a mate out in Basra trying to get me some numbers but we all know how useless clarks can be... And the longer I'm stuck the worst I'am. If your wondering how this happened... I had leave, went home to B.C. to see wife and kid... My pay stopped... No money to get back... And no fricken jobs out here!!! I mean really!? Did I rape a dozen cariboo while sporting a plad shirt in a past life?

    Email is: sexminky@hotmail.com

    Or post in this thread if you want to laugh at my sorry, broke ass that'll more then likely end up in Colly... I would! WORST LIFE EVER! Laugh at the plastic yank! C*nts!
  2. report to nearest RCAF and request a lift on their next to Bagram ?
  3. Unlucky good sir. Hope this gets straightened out Asap.
  4. if youve got mil phone then ring 192, then press 1
  5. No... I'm stuck at my wifes place in vancouver... Good ideas though...Cheers lads...
  6. You mean the canadian telephone service don't have international directory enquiries for you to ask for a number for your RHQ?
  7. PM sent with guardroom number in it
  8. What like a call to an operator and then ask to be put through? I'm guessing that if the only number the MOD UK has is for my SQN out in Balize (They left six months ago)... Then the Canadian operators wouldn't have a scoopy... So far every number I've been given hasn't worked... No mater what combination and invenstion I come up with... One of em I can only assume theres a RSM sitting somewhere having a right laugh on me... I left some desperate message on an Army number... But no one was listening... This was last month...
  9. Just had a quick look and I've found your Regt! They were all in the broom cupboard in the back of our QM's. The RSM was pi55ing himself laughing at the thought that you couldn't find them. They all ran off and are playing off ground 'it' on the car park as we speak.

  10. (In stupid French accent)

    I have seen your Regiment and it is verrrry nice
  11. This is a bit of awierd way round but couldn't you contact Bovington, or failing that the Tank Mueseum I know its not official military but surely there must be somebody there who could help just an idea.
  12. Of all places!

    Well cheers boys... One of you little special friends passed on the guardroom number with success!!! After harrasing a poor little half-screw I have contacted a SSGT mate... The wheels are turning!!! Wow... So glad Scotties not RSM anymore... His high pitch squeal would surely have killed me... And the levitated drop-kick to my issued chin would have pissed Q right off!!!

    LOVE YOU ALL... And let us start the beatings... I hope my CO has a small noodle... My tight little virgin bummy can't take much... I'll get the wife on that pretty quick!
  13. It's nothing to be proud of being AWOL you know..........................AA D! While you're languishing in Vancouver with your feet up your mates are grafting thier nuts off in Afghanistan and in my book you're classed as a fcukin deserter.............................cnut!!! :x PM me if you want a chat and I'll give the guardroom number and mine if you want a chat 8O
  14. Doesn't say hes AWOL does it!!!!
  15. Just a quick question for Soprano here, can you be classed a AWOL/Deserter if the army havent paid you for the work you have already done?

    I don't mean during the last couple of wars but right now, taking into account all the new HRA and such like stuff?

    I have to admit that taking a whole month off becuase they didn't pay you for last month seems a bit necky but still.