Where the Army goes the PONG GOES!

PONG GOES: PONGOS Am I a daft arrse?

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Crabs are called crabs because the badge worn by RAF movement staff is........ a Crab! ;)
It also comes from the practice of side slipping when coming into land in a cross wind. The RAF call the action 'crabbing' hence Crabs.
Matt Lo is stood next to me at the moment, but hes not in the Navy.
I'd heard that Crabs were so called because when they were given there uniforms, (once destined for pre-revolutionary Russia - I believe), they were the same colour as a lotion used to cure pubic lice!
I thought crabs were crab because their unifomr colour is crab blue or something.

Or they are actually crustaceans.
they certainly smell of fish.
All right! I get the drift I'm as daft as a badgers... Sympathy someone please... Please lie: pretend you didn't know...

Thanks for the dodgy CRAB answers... But I still don't know who is right...

And that's reared another problem: Matelots? Whasthatabout? Sheeet - this'll be never ending - but one good answer'll do.

(I must have had my head up my arrse instead of reading it for all my service)
Not sure if I'm falling for a Waaaahhh here, but here goes:

Crabs short for crab fat, because all those shot down pilots in WW2 made the crabs in the English Channel fat

Matelow is from a French word meaning 'bed partner', as there were only 1/2 or 1/3 of the number of beds on board ship to the number of crewmen. You slept in shifts and one bed was allocated to several crewmen.

The above info is my belief - I stand by to be told otherwise. ;)

Edited 'cos my spelling sucked 1st time round
[French, from matelot, sailor, from Old French matenot, sailor, bunkmate, possibly from Middle Dutch mattenoot (perhaps from matte, bed from Late Latin matta; see mat1 + noot, fellow) or from Old Norse mötunautr, messmate (mata, food, mess + nautr, companion).]
Their not matelots their skates not exactly sure where the term comes from ,but they dont like it so thats all that matters :lol:
"Crab" is from Pussser's Crab Fat, the nickname of an navy anti-corrosive (or pubic lice cream, cause well, that's more fun!) that came in a container the same fetching shade of blue.
DMP has it right and I understand the colour was an exact match for the RAF uniform, hence Crab Fat Blue.
"Where the Army goes the PONG GOES!"
Haven't heard that in 20 years.
I have heard the old saying that where the army goes, the pong goes.

Also, Pongo is the generic name for 2 secies of Orang Utang gorillas.
regarding the skate thing - insult from Plymouth (GUZZ) sailors to Portsmouth (Pompey) women; i.e. f*cking you is like f*cking a skate, cold, wet and smelling of fish!
woody said:
Their not matelots their skates not exactly sure where the term comes from ,but they dont like it so thats all that matters :lol:
I always thought that submariners called their ship borne collegues Skates because their ships skate along the surface.

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