Where on th net does the army check for the "Golden Factor"?

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I heard that at some point, the army searches online to have a little look at what the potential recruit (particularly potential sneaky beaky recruits) say about themselves.

Although I've never created an account on Match.com claiming to be the first on the balcony, or RSM 49 para, this does concern me.

Where do they look? Should I go round deleting all my old accounts in some kind of a mad PERSEC dash? Or do they just tap a name into google and make sure that the top result isn't the chap in question?


Well the simple question is - have you made a tw@t of yourself on this or other sites? If not don't worry, if you have then it depends on what and how long ago. That's assuming the recruiters can be bothered.
Just assume that everything you've ever posted on the internet will still be there somewhere (google cache, wayback machine etc.).

Don't post anything that you think might embarass you in the future.

Already posted it? youre fucked.
I had no idea this happend and TBH
There's alot of funny stuff bout me
When my full name is typed into
Google. Definently someone would
Have brought up by now. As nobody has
Im assuming this is completely irrelavant
To me.
An easy way for you to check the information regarding anyone with facetwitterbo accounts and such like is by going to Spokeo.com or other similar sites.

These will give you all of the account information on social networking sites that a particular individual has registered with using a particular email address, user name or their own name.

Really great for people that wear tinfoil hats or like to google their own name (no, I've never done either! :D )
Okay, now Ive had coffee I'm feeling a bit more helpful.

The assumption that anything you post will hang around like a bad smell is probably good but you can minimize the impact.

Avoid using either your real name or linking your real name to your posting names.

Don't give out personal details that will allow someone to put 2 and 2 together, for example BARB scores, dates, where you are from, etc.

Think before you post!

If there is a link, don't panic. There are over 400,000 hits on google to my real name and none in the first half dozen pages that Ive checked relate to me. Searching on Roadki11 only generates 1400 hits, the 2nd one (being arrse) is definitely me but most of the rest aren't.

Don't post your photo linked to your posting name!, if you have done, get it taken down and replaced with something less linkable.
You cant say Gay on here without bowing reverently and turning widdershins 9 times.
Thanks all.

(Newbie spends his afternoon deleting things he wrote about himself when he was a sprog.)
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