Where next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Breks, Jul 22, 2012.

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  1. As we are due to end combat operations operations in Afghan by end of 2014 it seems to me that there must be something else on the cards. Where next, Iran?, Syria?, North Korea? Surely another War is highly likely.
  2. Not with the current Govt - Keep the troops at home, lose the election, come back in 10 years in the next financial crisis and say that the Army has done hardly anything for 10 years, let's cut them down again.
  3. Where next? Catterick and Colchester.
    We no longer have the forces to go playing Regime Changes R Us.
  4. Replace them with G4S no doubt.
  5. Mali, Somalia or Yemen get my vote.

    We'll probably just let Syria run it's course (which it will do) rather than get involved in any meaningful way.

    I'm not sure the US/ Israel would let Iran get that far with the nuclear weapons bid and would probably strike first rather than get into a full scale war. I imagine they'd wait until the economic sanctions had them close to collapse and then put the the boot in if they still refused to capitulate.

    As for North Korea that one belongs squarely to the Septics. They're moving a lot of naval and air power as well as 5000 marines to the pacific area as part of their whole 'pacific pivot' thing so if anyone was going to do anything it'd be them. They've also got 28000 troops sat on the North/South Korean border. It's closer to their doorstep than ours so if they want to take a crack at that bunch of bampots then let them fill their boots I say.

    Still AQIM and AQAP are the new 'axis of evil' and must be destroyed etc etc....you get the picture. Mali is close to Europe and is easy for Europeans to get to if they want to go to one of those jihadi butlins training camp places and it's also where a lot of illegal immigrants pass through to get to Europe so the chances of trained terrorists coming from there are quite high. Higher than the middle east as well I reckon. Look at it on a map, it's pretty bloody close really. All they have to do is move North to Morocco which is border-less really and then it's a quick night time jolly over the straights of Gibraltar (10 miles) and a nice berth in the back of an articulated lorry and they could, theoretically, be causing merry mayhem in London within 4 days of leaving Africa.

    ****ing great. So yeah, I reckon that's where we'll be going if we go anywhere...
  6. What with?
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  7. I say we take back the rest of Ireland, the bottom bit that we missed the last time we went shopping there.

    The Queen can distract Jerry Adams with card tricks like a sort of old version of the bird on The Real Hustle, while an invasion force sweeps in from Liverpool on a Hovercraft, and the remainder fly to Dublin by RyanAir and capture Jedward to provide some leverage to the coup.

    When we're done and all eleven towns are captured we could open an Irish themed pub, the first actually in Ireland ever, and get rich.

    We'd have to maim Bono and behead Jedward just so none of the feisty bog dwellers get any ideas.
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  8. Where was it you mentioned...oh wait, almost everywhere. Come on man dont site on the globe, stick your pin into it.

    I see quiet times ahead except for a minor skirmish in Somalia and maybe Egypt.
  9. You do realise that Guinness is nearly a fiver a pint in Dublin, don't you? And why just maim Bono yet behead Jedward? Three heads are better than two. And can we add the sainted Sir Bob Geldof into that mix?
    Much better plan to just use one or two of the subs we have (whilst we've still got them) to blast the pillars holding Ireland in place. We could then commandeer Brittany Ferries, SeaLink etc to tow the place and anchor it off New York or somewhere. That'll teach the Yanks and they'd have their hands so tied with all the problems that would entail that they couldn't start another World Police engagement and drag us into it (not that some of our latest PMs have actually needed dragging).
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  10. You seem to be under the impression that not having adequate resources for the task will prevent UK Gov from committing the Armed Forces. Strange.
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  11. I think you may under-estimate the extreme stupidity and arrogance of the current Govt.
  12. As if any government of the last 50 years has been any better.
  13. Did you see me say that they are better? All governments are corrupt, just some more corrupt than others.
  14. I say Qatar! there small and have alot of money :) and after we take over use the new stadium as a military base ready for 2022 world cup!