Where next?

I left the army 12 years ago and now I work as a recreational dive instructor in Thailand. I remembered when I left I had no trade, no direction and no life really. I eventually ending up doing my current job, which really does suit anyone from the forces, plenty of social life, training and the need for self-discipline. I then thought I would like to help any ex-forces to do the same thing, but money is something I don't have a lot of (it's not a high paid career, but then you never got rich in HMF!) So I wrote to H4H and the British legion. H4H said they don't help any ex-forces, and the BL said they would not assist anyone overseas. The money would have been spent on equipment, dive agency fees and accomodation, but all the training was free - basically you become a dive instructor at cost and not the thousands I shelled out.

My question, as I'm obviously new (cr@p) at this, is where should I write to next? And why are these agencies so restrictive in the help they offer?

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