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Where Next? The Middle East?

I have just been browsing the BBC's news website.  One of the discussion topics is the current situation in the Middle East.  One suggestion was that the EU and/or the UK get involved militarily.

Any thoughts on the topic?


War Hero
yes Tony will probably have us in there next week protecting the poor downtrodden Palistinians against evil israeli genocide.
The palistinians are reaping the whirlwind they sowed. In an interview on BBC news 24 a terroist leader had said Yasser ARAFAT had not asked them to stop the bombings despite his calls to the world.
Not trying to sound anti-semetic (sp?) but are/have the Israelies been kicking the arsse out of 'Downtrodden Jews syndrome' for a bit too long now. All non Arabic nations tend to turn the other cheek when Israel launch AH attacks, to be fair, on suburban targets? (I certainly don't agree with suicide attacks on Israeli shopping centres either, cause and effect).
A quick look at history will see the land of Palestine been split up and given to (by us!) the New Jewish nation, post war. I don't believe they (the Palastinians) had a say in the matter. Bit of a sympathy gift following attrocities during said skirmish. Don't blame the Arabs for being a little peed off.
A comparison may be made to our little infringment in the Emerald toilet but the thing that riles me is the hypocracy the Yanks have towards both situations.

As regards the original question. Whatever George dubberu wants, Bliar will snivvle to!
Strictly speaking in this case you can't be anti-Semitic unless you are anti Jew and anti Arab - they are both Semitic races.

Speaking personally, the Israelis have gone down in my estimation over the past few years.  I do not remember the Six Day War in 1967 but I do recall cheering them on towards Damascus in 1973.  I was not unhappy in seeing the PLO getting kicked out of Beirut in 1982.  However, their arrogant treatment of the Palestinians did rather take the gloss off for me.  At the risk of sounding too much like a "Sky Pilot", I was disgusted at the treatment of the Christian communities in both Israel and the Occupied Territories.  

As for the current situation, no one can condone the bombing of innocent civilians by the so-called "martyrs".  The sorry fact is that they got nowhere by just throwing stones, apart from being shot, so their options were a bit limited and they have nothing to lose.  Even if Arafat had issued orders to stop the bombing it was very difficult to enforce if the Israelis kept shooting his policemen.

I just hope that "St Tony" does believe that his healing balm is required out there as well.
The last line should read:

I just hope that "St Tony" does NOT believe that his healing balm is required out there as well.


Nah ... within 6 months the Americans will have set up a peace line in the Golan heights - hence Israel can claim it has pulled out from there without worrying that millions of Syrians are going to come streaming off the hills into Israel proper. (Also means Israel can ensure it gets all the water it needs from the area still).

The West Bank will be under international rule with Israel providing security on the Jordanian boarder.

And the winning numbers on the lottery will be ....

If only it was that easy!


I originally posted this msg in the Wanted 2 Armd Bdes section in the Int Cell.

Not having a life to call my own I then spotted this subj and being a decent sort of chap have copied it across to save everyones time.......

How a few weeks can change the world.....
Our "oh so great leader Tony" is currently this weekend working out how this great army of ours is going to solve the Isreal/Palastine problem first before moving on to Iraq.

Dont think I am kidding - imagine it Deploy the ARRC to Isreal (well the brit elements of the ARRC, as jonny foriegner only turns up on PSO and only then when its all sorted) sort out that little squabble after all its only 2,000 years old and if Tone says the UK can sort then the UK can sort it. He " Our great leader Tone" can then claim that the ARRC is being recovered back to Bks (top deception plan) and then carry out another flanking attack thru Syria and into Iraq.

Oh yes its like 1991 again only more obvious and on the cheap and with less tps and cash......but its ethical now ......yeah right!

Remember you heard it here first !!!!!!!!!!!!


War Hero
why not do a swop with the israelis they can have the troops from northern Ireland & PSNI to sort out the west bank and northern ireland can have the Israeli army to sort out the various shades of terrorists.
I seem to remember Alan Coren writing along those lines in Punch in the 1970s as part of his "Kampala Bulletins". (A perported diary of Idi Amin)

The basic sugestion was to swap the IRA & the PLO between both locations so that the Israelis and Arabs would be more concerned with assorted Guiness drinkers wandering around with ticking parcels than with fighting amongst themselves.  It would also give the like of the Rev Ian Paisley something to work on, namely to get the PLO to start shouting "Remember the Boyne!" and "No Surrender!".
I am all for giving NI to Israel to sort out.  With their approach to crowd control and COIN Ops it would be very interesting........

The parents going to the Holy Cross school would not have to worry about demonstrations, anyone on the streets without a permit would be shot - Live rounds of course.

There would no longer be any requirement for Media Ops - if the journalists show up throw some flashbangs and if that does not work just fire some baton rounds at them.......

If all else fails we could see attack helicopters over Belfast and Londonderry.  We live in hope........
I wonder if President Tone is thinking ahead to his own funeral.  Perhaps if he collects enough "war points" he might qualify for a State Funeral like Churchill.  Unless he can arrange a really big war (Iraq) he'll have to make do with lots of little ones (Sierre Leone, Afghanistan,....).


Well from what I have heard he has follwed the US lead (or is that followed their instructions) and offered up observers to the West Bank.

At this rate we are going to see the first call up of Army Cadets in history as there is little else to deploy now!
I doubt the UK military will have any major deployment in Israel, The most likely result is either
a) Israel does what it's told and pulls out, and we spend the next decade or two tut tutting about the occasional suicide bomb or assassination without doing anything. or
b) The arab nations will collapse under public opinion, and launch small scale attacks at Israeli troops, after a few retaliatory strikes the whole place will erupt into war. Israel will do all the fighting while the west (mainly the US, perhaps some of Western Europe but I doubt it) quietly slip in assorted lumps of cash and hardware. To be honest I doubt British public opinion would be strong enough for the PM to risk supporting Israel in all out war, theres enough anti Israeli feeling going around already.
c) same as above, but Israel gets over confident and is wiped off the map. Everyone tut tuts at the Arba armies shaking their heads, while spending the next decade working out what to do with the Israeli population.
I have a solution:

As far as the Jewish homeland goes, while we are showing the americans how to fight a war properly in the Afghan mountains, the French, Belgians etc etc can get a few hundred non-combatants (shouldn't be too hard to find) and get the 3 trillion cubic feet of broken bricks and sh*ite off the streets of Kabul.  This could then be dumped a little way out to sea and called Isreal.  OK, Afghanistan is landlocked and a long way from the Med but fu*ck 'em, its their problem.  :) We would then be off the hook for 1948 and the palestinians would be able to stop crapping themselves every time the words explosives, black masking tape, carry and bus were mentioned.  Think it would work?  ;D  
I was having a look through "My Posts" and came across this particular topic. Reading through it just now I thought "Oh b@gger! How little did we know then".

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