Where is your favourite place to see wildlife?

If you are talking about animals, the four legged variety, it would have to be Kruger Park in RSA......brilliant beyond words.

As for the human variety, well any ER or A&E on any weekend (my heart goes out the the Dr's, nurses and others who have to deal with them). As for light entertainment, the Taiwanese Parliament is hard to beat :lol:
Without a doubt Chitwan National Park in Nepal - my whole attitude to the environment and protecting the planet completely changed on the day I saw a rhino in the wild, minding its own business. Brilliant.
Certain laybys by prior arrangement Dogging hahahaha
As seen on the back of the tatties hauling trucks trailers down here in NZ.....

"There's room for all Gods animals.....right next to the mashed spuds"
Goode Park in Melbourne, Florida - if you pat your hand on the surface of the water, you might attract a Manatee. They're dumb as a brick but amazingly friendly (much like certain ARRSErs) :p
Arrse has become shite and mong threads like this just add towards its demise.
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