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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 1stgulfmac, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. Whilst tracking my uncle's Military Medal history I got a copy of the origional citation. The event ocuured at, and I quote"... to attack a house known as Carre map ref 041248 (Sheet 99 IV N.W. 1:25,000)". I know he was in the Italy campaign, 5th Bn The BUFFS, 36 Inf BDE, 78 DIV, XIII Corps. It was in Oct 1944 so after Casino etc and probably on the way to Rome. Now I am a bit of a map reading biff and can't track this grid down so AARSE'rs over to you any help please?
  2. It's a bit of a guess, but if you enter 41° 31' 14'' N, 12° 51' 02'' E into Google Earth, it may show the right place.

    First I visited Converting Wartime Coordinates To Modern Map Coordinates - World War 2 Talk

    then followed the links. I had to pick the southern Italy grids, then discounted the areas that put the position in the sea. Of the two left, the one I chose (above) seems the most likely, the other is in the middle of nowhere.
  3. I've had a rethink. Now try 44° 17' 09'' N, 11° 32' 37'' E

    Rome fell in June, the Allies reached San Marino in September, so the required location (in October) must be north of these.

    Conveniently, there's a ruined house 50m to the north of this position - Casa Carre?
  4. Thanks for the grid it seems to be the place .