Where Is The Worst Posting In The UK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jimnicebutdim, Feb 2, 2006.

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  1. Yes It Is Nothing More Than A Nugget Covered Hoop

  2. No, Where I Live Is Worse

  1. My personal vote is for the Kings Lynn area of Norfolk. The town contains the ugliest women ever set free, the blokes are fine evidence of why you shouldn't sleep with a blood relative. And it is chav central - look at Michael Carroll, the worlds biggest c0ck!!!!.

    Where do you think is shite?
  2. Okehampton. The only good looking women there are tourists. Mind you some of the sheep were quite pretty.
  3. Bulford
  4. Gillingham AKA Brompton Barracks in Chatham. Used to be a nightclub next door called 'Excalibur', with a hotel next door where you could get rooms by the hour. Best under-age club in the area.

    Also home of the chav, Argos does a fine trade in jewelry. ;)
  5. Worthy down home of the girls corp
  6. TTO you only went to Worthy Down to stop you molesting sheep in Wales
  7. Tidworth, it is a cemetary with lights. The accommodation is so poor, asylum seekers and pikeys would not stay in it, but we had to.
  8. I'd disagree with you, I had a good couple of years at brompton, 2 town centres within walking distance, luxury!
    My vote would be for Long Marston, miles from anywhere behind the back of beyond, gladly it's now closed down
  9. Catterick; loads of other Regiments around the place, loads of cr@p garrison duties to be done, and loads of senior officers mincing around the place making normal units' lives a misery.

    No decent pubs within a 20 quid taxi fare that are not filled with army lads (just like going into a naafi except the furniture is better and the beer cheaper).

    The weather is truly 5H1T and it takes ages to get anywhere. Most of the women are slags who are already married but their husband is on tour. The last time a pretty wench was seen in the area was in 1954 (allegedly).

    Why did the Army move up to Catterick? So the Treasury could pocket all the dosh from selling Aldershot and other prime land in the south. The move would also encourage people to quit the army, thus reducing the amount of cash they have to give to the MoD and military pensioners.
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Must add my vote to Chatham.

    When the police went to bust illegal strippers in pubs they always had to take social workers because so mnay of the lasses were underage!
  11. Agree with you Ali, when I was there it used to be great, awesome on the pi$s! Went back a while ago and Scallys and the Two Sawyers had both closed down, the Viscount was pretty pants as well.

    Used to love piling into the Sawyers for the strippers (Ghurkas used to do to the Duncan)..... awesome year there, shame about having to stag on the trees around the parade square... even guard was a laugh. Would nominate the Gillingham as the place easiest to get a shag in the UK lol.

    Think that Ludgershall just outside Tidworth is the worst posting... miles from anywhere and no re-deeming qualities!
  12. I thought that Ludgershall was alright (better than Tidworth), mind you the women were questionable :oops: but Fort Blockhouse after Ludgershall now that is two shit postings in a row....
  13. Now I'll agree with that one- but only because the young pikees need to get up the duff off some poor gullible :roll: squaddie to pay for their fake designer gear at the indoor market stall habit. I wonder if you could ever begin to calculate the number of Brompton sprogs about the place?..........

    I think it may be worse to be chucked in that sh1t-hole than be posted in the middle of nowhere. Although I have to say that the A and E department has had a recent make-over and is looking rather lovely.
  14. Dunno the crown pub in the village is ok, but the camp is really pants, luckily I was only there for a while after a reserve tour in Iraq. When I left I felt sorry for the blokes left there. NAAFI closed down while we were away and as far as I know it wasn't going to open again (even when it was open it was god awful hours). Moral on that camp is quite low as well.