Where is the SPVAMA?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Michaelo, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I can contact this department. [FONT=&quot]
    The SPVA telephone enquiries have never heard of it, but it's on the SPVA's web page as to paying travel expenses etc and the procedure in doing so. Here is a quote from there.
  2. I can't see your post as I've blocked you for previous abuse however; SPVA Medical Adviser are internal to the SPVA and are only contactable by case officers or other internal personnel.
  3. Fair go Escotia. I admit I was a bit hard on you when you threw your flag behind 'The Snail'. Hopefully I've gone passed my 'kick ass attitude' and things can be different? Anyways, thanks for your reply.
    It makes it quite clear that by not allowing access to the 'SPVAMA' then the SPVA are not as open to the 'Freedom of Information Act' as they like us to think they are.

    That include the SPVA's telephone exchange as well, so it seems?
  4. Here is a quote from Escotia.
    SPVA Medical Adviser are internal to the SPVA and are only contactable by case officers or other internal personnel

    And here is a reply from SPVA with regards to contacting the 'SPVAMAS'.
    Dear Mr Michaelo

    Thank you for your recent email requesting access to the Medical Advisors.

    A telephone reply can be arranged by one of our Medical Advisors. They can discuss medical issues on your claim and medical facts but cannot discuss updates or time frames on claims.

    If you would like to telephone the Helpline and request a Medical Advisor call back or indeed email with your queries and I will send on to arrange a call back for you.


    Yours sincerely.
    Joanne Penny
    Service Personnel and Veterans Agency
  5. Just my copies of my spva notes and will this weekend start going through them a fine tooth comb. Looks like I shall require the spvama also after this weekend to clear up a few things.
    Never knew you could speak too them reguarding your disability, which would help too get a clearer picture of just what they know concerning my condition. Which im going to guess is mainly bugger all but cheers for the heads up with this department.

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