where is the right honourable Geffeory Hoon M.P?


War Hero
with the largest deployment of British forces since the gulf where is our political lord and master?

according to the Sunday Papers he's away skiing in the Alps.


I am trying to swap my Warrant that he has 'signed' it has no place in my house!

He is a disgrace, I saw the 23 Pnr Regt lads making do in their Camp Coyote, with their two meals a day, because the Kuwaitis cant guarentee the source of the raw ingredients!

Mr Hoon, get back to work and get the right kit to the blokes you have sent to war!


Was it not he who visited the booties yesterday at jubilee camp?

Whichever politician it was they do nothing but spout sh1t and then took up valuable space on a plane that could have been filled with morale!

You know; bog paper, gentlemens mags or Claire Sweeny! ;D ;)

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