Where is the next opportunity for overstretch likely to be?

So who's next?

  • France

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  • Anywhere with a decent swimming pool and a Pizza Hut

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  • Russia

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  • Iran

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With the obvious exception of Op Herrick, virtually all other large scale operational deployments are now extant.

So instead of all the troops sitting round generally growing bored and suffering serious skills fade, where should the Government be looking to send Ross Kemp next?



War Hero
I vote Russia. After all, if we're going to dig ourselves into another pointless hole of a war, we might as well go all the way. I just think Iran would be a bit tame after everything we've done so far.
I think you forgot

Bin strike

Ambulance strike

Fire Brigade strike

Civil catastrophe floods, foot and mouth etc

outside odds also on Zimbabwe

also any country that is stoney broke is fair game
Also forgot Africa.

Rated with 88% of stealth conflicts in 2008


OK, so there's no Oil, but there's some unfinished business, an african-american in the whitehouse, and the potential for staging a White War for massive media coup. Hell they could still swing the WoT club if they wanted too.

I'd also still rate Burma if the Junta actually does ramp up it's steady and slow tribal genocide to full scale within the next four years.

As for Rhodesia - well I eyeballed the WHO report this time last year and it did say words to the effect of, "watch out Chairman Bob, a pandemic will come". Rather prophetic of them i'd say, so bar calls to clean up, Rhodesia has slipped off the radar for now.
tmsbry said:
Pakistan should be in your poll

Yep. A nuclear war involving British troops would certainly take the recession (sorry - birth pains of the new, global economic order) off the front pages.

More seriously, I think the government is going to have trouble finding the cash to keep the armed forces ticking over for the next few years. Poll boosting mini-wars like the Falklands will be out of the question for some time to come.

The comment about strikes is interesting. There is already considerable civil unrest in Greece, France, the Baltic States and Iceland where the government has been forced by rioting to resign.

One of the leaked memos that got Damian Green MP nicked was from the Home Office to the PM advising that rioting is expected in London if unemployment rises above 3 million. Could we see the army on the streets to stop Gordon being strung up? Could the next opportunity for overstretch be in London?


"Bin strike

Ambulance strike

Fire Brigade strike

Civil catastrophe floods, foot and mouth etc"

If its any consolation, MOD moved a few years ago to stop our involvement in that sort of dispute. All the local authorities have had it made very clear to them that outside of immediate life saving, we are not there as a 4th emergency service or riot breakers. Its up to them to solve the problem themselves.

Personally my bet is on Iran...
Why don't we just invade New Zealand? I'd happily,err, I mean grudgingly, do a tour of Queenstown..... :D

Joking aside, I get the impression that Bob Mugabe may pop up on the 'We must remove him' list of things to do in the Foreign Office sometime soon.


War Hero
*Tinfoil hat on.

UK :)

*Tinfoil hat off.


Argentina Please, then Venezuela.

Las Malvinas this, Las Malvinas that... F.F.S. :roll:

I reckon the Netherlands and Chile would be in our coalition for a start.

P.S. Cuba ! :D The entire Island including Guantanamo !
apfsdsdu said:
*Tinfoil hat on.

UK :)

*Tinfoil hat off.

Oh God I hope so, I really do. Put me in charge of guarding the Houses of Parliament and I reckon I can get the whole of New Labour dealt with and their heads on spikes on the battlements of the Tower of London by tea-time. Bring it on !
skintboymike said:
Korea anyone?

Nah. That's too 1950s.

If I were to put a bet on, I'd say somewhere in the Russian sphere of influence.
In-Limbo said:
Also forget Africa.

OK, so there's no Oil,

I think you should have another look at what lies under the sea off Nigeria and Angola, why Ghana used to be called Gold Coast, or perhaps where the Platinum in your catalytic convertor came from. That's before we talk about the copper conducting all this drivel over the Interweb or the diamonds coating all those drills and sawblades.

You didn't think the Cuban and Chinese armies went to Africa because they were bored with the training areas at home did you?
Opportunity for overstretch...? Hopefully the kind of "UK Ops" I can really put my weight behind :)

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