Where is the MRS?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by acornminiminor, Nov 8, 2008.

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  1. I was chucked out years ago P7S8, given £112, told not to sue and that if I ever needed some medical help to go to the Royal Cambridge. Well 40 years later the Royal Cambridge doesn't exist, my civvy doctor isn't much use. The battalion has been disbanded.
    The nights are getting bad, the pills don't seem to work and I could do with talking to an MO. Any suggestions? or has this government done away with MOs as well?
  2. Thanks, that War disability thing might help but currently I need access to either an MO or an ex MO who has knowledge of PTS; an affliction which apparently didn't exist 40 years ago. Four bars on the GSM and if you couldn't cope any longer you were out on your arse.
  3. What area are you in?
  4. try the vet agency web site
  5. I thought that I was an old soldier, not a dog. What is a vet agency?
  6. Assuming this not a Wah, it's the Veterans Agency. See here.

  7. Thanks, never heard of them before. They certainly weren't around when I got my AFB108

    ..... mind you, they probably don't DO anything :)
  8. Only one way to find out, having used them for a relative recently, they were very helpful/useful. Trawl the pages on the link, veterans issues and then veterans health, there is a link 'contact us'. Good luck.

  9. They were very helpful to a Suez vet that had skin cancer,got him sorted out double quick and a nice wedge of compo,so I would definitely try them
  10. Interesting, because on top of all else I've had skin and kidney cancer, said to be from experimental use of agent orange in Borneo - but how can I prove it.