Where is the Dec 07 Op Honours List?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hard_vark, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Last reported AWOL as of 16 Dec 07. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. 22 Feb 08
  3. Try doing a search on the main MOD website.
  4. Guesstimate or informed statement?
  5. Until yesterday I thought it was 15 Feb but then I was corrected by the person who had told me the 15th in the first place.
  6. This sounds partisan, but it's not meant to be.

    Are the delays because there's a risk that one battalion might get 2 VC's from one tour, plus other honours? Coming on top of other well-deserved honours to previous battlegroups, this makes our current wars look more serious than any conflict since Korea, at least.

    This opens the government up to charges of underfunding/overstretch etc. that they know they can't refute, forcing our troops to spend blood where they won't spend treasure. Hence (I would imagine) 'negotiation' at high levels to make the honours fit the budget.

    Or am I just too cynical?
  7. It may well be a partisan view... but I remember comments like this when there were rumours of Beharry's VC floating around about 2 weeks before the honours list came out and some people being cynical enough to say that VC was being presented to make the politicos look good!

    I think that the delay is to get the honours system back on track. They tried to get them aligned with the Birthday and New Years system and it keeps going off the rails. 16 Bde's activities in 2006 forced the honours list forward which then meant that the next one was brought forward as well (or it would have been quite big) and then there will have been a eight/nine month gap between honours lists. At least by delaying this one until Feb a list in Sep/Oct wont be too late or too early and the system can catch itself up again.
  8. Ah, better turn my cynicism down a couple of notches, then :D
  9. 22 Feb. (Informed)
  10. Thanks. I can't help but think it is another display of crass expectation management though - those units from both theatres who were expecting the well deserved recognition of individuals' efforts have been left in the dark. After having been told December to continually delay the announcement only leads to rumour control.
  11. Just been told 7 Mar............
  12. Confirmed 7 Mar but will be released to the CofC next week.
  13. Obviously not PAID for !!


    I did not read the word 'operational'.

    Yep, 'Oxygen Thief' sounds about right !
  14. Can confirm the List is out tomorrow AM ... embargoed until 0001.
  15. It will be in the papers tomorrow apparently.

    Currently raising many a glass of Scottish spring water, not only in recognition of the awards but to remember those who did not return alive or who were wounded :(