Where is the Dear Leader?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. He may have visited a certain island with the following attractions:

  2. But only if:

    a) someone else paid for it

    b) the RAF flew him there and back in a private aircraft for the same price as a BA economy ticket
  3. Is there a Mosque near bye ?
  4. Oh yeah, wouldn't it be a laugh if the AntiChrist and his missus got wasted on Mustique. Pity about his teenage kids though, but, hey, that'll teach 'em, for having politician parents.

    Any more security leaks you want to share with us?
  5. You're all wrong. The tw@t has gotten squarely up my arrse.
  6. hang on.........what's the big deal......he just took over my villa in florida....

    i even shat on the towels first.

  7. Up ya Arrse, well whats that hanging on mi tits.
  8. Up ya Arrse, well whats that hanging on mi tits.
  9. At the risk of revealing my source (the Mail on Sunday with a quote from a hotelier's website) I can confidently state that "Elvis has left the building".

    They p!ssed off somewhere else at the end of last week.

    I have bugger-all sympathy. You won't see that t0sser using the Tube (not since his missus got caught fare-dodging). I've seen their visit referred to on a Carribean newspaper website. So it is only in Britain that we are kept in the dark as to the destination of the Dear Leader and the First Family and this is nothing less than a cynical propaganda tool to persuade the masses (voters and taxpayers) that he is "sharing our danger" and that we should adopt a supine non-questioning posture about what our betters are up to.
  10. On a slight tangent, but I was watching that odd reality show... X factor yesterday. It had a brief part where Blair turned up and chatted with the queing masses.

    What came across to me was the pure Charisma he puts out with a capital C. They were excited to talk to him, he was excited to talk to them but all in the respectable English undertones. It was very disconcerting that he also reminded me of a few Brig+ who seemed to have the same commanding personalities that instantly draw you in.

    I do however admit I took myself to one side and gave myself a good talking to without coffee.
  11. BBC Radio just reported the embargo on Bliar's location has been lifted as he attended a public ceremony to mark VJ Day.

    He is/has been in Barbados.
  12. I'd heard that he was on the Planet Zob.
  13. Of course, the paps knew where they were all along, as did many journos. I suspect that the only people who did not know were the Great British Public.

    As the eldest of the brood is already milking pater's position (internship in the US; desire to become an MP) I wouldn't shed any tears over a "collateral damage" demise in his case! :twisted:
  14. The weasel is indeed in Barbados. It obviously suited the No 10 press machine to have Bliar attend a VJ commemoration on the island.

    The drivel about the local Legion "inviting" him is pathetic. Who really believes that? :roll:

    As is the whole tawdry "secrecy" episode. FFS, we know that the Dear Leader will be giving HM a few hours of his time at Balmoral later on in the month.

    Pathetic manipulative b@llocks designed to exert a little more power over the British public. I am personally disgusted that the location wasn't published by one of the broadsheets or by the Speccie or New Statesman.

    The man is a total egomaniac w@nker.


  15. Wherever the hell he is, I hope he stays there forever.