Where is the Ark Royal ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Orange_Lily, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. What did you think was going to happen to her when they decided to get rid of her?
  2. To be fair, we havn't got anything to chuck off it, so a bit pointless keeping it.
  3. But she's an LPH. That ramp thing is for aerodynamic airflow across the flight deck!
  4. Could we have a whip round and see how much we could get...
  5. So come on then, say Arrse did buy the Ark Royal, what would we do with her? :)

  6. Arrse Cruise Lines....
  7. With a stop off in the Falklands?
  8. Tell all chavs that Jeremy Kyle is doing a live show on board.

    Then scuttle the ****.
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  9. It looks like our current bunch of Limp-Dicks and Tory Conmen/women in Parlyment are just as bad as the previous Marxist-Leninist Gobsh*tes of the last Labour government. They haven't a clue about anything Military, and just like Dear Old Maggie T and her Muppets back in the 1980s, are selling off everything that is movable, not nailed down or bolted down.

    Maybe Call-Me-Dave and Pals are really A secret Fifth Column of Euro-Marxists out to wreck the UK even further that Paw McRuin, Brer B'Liar and his Pals did...... finish the job!!

    Ooo, I am just a tad annoyed again....... I really should stop reading the 'Daily Wail' and 'Daily Armageddon'......
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  10. +1, you did not expect that they would keep it as a gate guard somewhere? Might as well get some money for it. Gadafi, might be interested.
  11. Best possible case scenario, it's turned into a floating museum somewhere

    worst case scenario, nobody buys it and it's left to rust away somewhere.

    Chances are, it's going to be either chopped up for scrap metal, or sunk somewhere to create a false reef
  12. Or perhaps a little fun off Somalia, slotting pirates :)
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