Where is Saddam?

just read this article on reuters


Iraqis Look to Tunnels to Solve Saddam Mystery

By Michael Georgy
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Iraqi man watching U.S. soldiers relaxing on a hilltop couldn't understand why they were not digging.

Muhammad believes that beneath the huge dirt mound could be one of many underground escape tunnels used by Saddam Hussein after U.S.-led troops toppled him from power.

"They don't realize it but they are actually standing on one of Saddam's palaces. He could have gotten away through here, through the tunnels," he said, standing next to a broken monument to the ex-president.

While U.S. troops and tanks patrol Baghdad's streets, Iraqis wonder how the fallen dictator escaped the bombs that pulverized his palaces and government buildings across the capital.

Many are obsessed with the notion that Saddam, his powerful sons and chief aides melted into a maze of underground passages, with access to enough food and supplies to last for months, if not years.

There is plenty of evidence that U.S. troops hammered Iraq's Republican Guards and regular soldiers. Iraqi military uniforms and boots are scattered in mangled buildings.

But it is not clear whether Saddam is dead or alive, a mystery that makes him seem invincible even after losing power.

"There are lots of tunnels around here. They connect all his palaces. He's probably just hiding underground," said Kathim, pointing to five presidential palaces overlooking man-made lakes.

Many Iraqis look for clues in the ashes of bombed buildings that once symbolized repression.

At the destroyed headquarters of the Iraqi National Olympic Committee, which was headed by Saddam's son Uday, an engineer who worked there said multi-million-dollar antique cars were parked in underground lots.

"Uday probably got away. I remember when he used to dress like an Islamic cleric. If the football players only said peace be with you and didn't call him the prince of the faithful he would beat them," said Hassan Hathmi.

"Beautiful girls would meet with him on Thursdays and ask for favors. He always took advantage of them."

Saddam is not the only person who may be underground. Iraqis have been searching for subterranean prisons, hoping to find relatives arrested many years ago and unheard from since.

People look beneath bridges for hidden compartments, listening for voices as cars stream by. Others dig up the earth.

There are plenty of places to dig. Presidential palaces. Lush grounds around the airport. Wealthy residential areas. Around intelligence service facilities.

At the sprawling former military intelligence headquarters, an elderly man urgently sought information about his four brothers, missing since their arrest in 1980. U.S. soldiers believe there are tunnels beneath the building. They have found an underground prison, but no prisoners.

"I thought I could find my brothers in the prison. I have looked everywhere. What do I do?," said Hussein.

When Samir Kazim looked for his brother at the Intelligence Court, he didn't find any tunnels. The tiny prison cells were on the third floor.

The only clues were scratched on a wall.

"God help me."


interesting where most of them buggered off to though isnt it


They'll all be well away from Iraq...expect the US assisted them to get to Syria if they want to invade there next.
When specific buidings were bombed after intel indicated Saddam  and crew were around, apparently the yanks didn't search through the rubble afterwards to try to locate and identify bodies.
DNA testing equipment is on ships in the gulf but wasn't called in to be used in Baghdad.
If they are not searching the bombsites they must know something we don't. At least they could try to make it appear more plausable....it's like bad continuity on a B movie....ok i'll shush  :-X
Sadley there are a lot of things the spams are not doing (very well) like power water law order humanitarian aid etc

Although I had not thought that along the lines you have mentioned.

Looking at the news web sites it appears that for some strange reason the Arabs/muslims do not want them there!

They are even demonstrating the fact.

Shame they did not do same when previous incumbent was in power.

Oh but they did didnt they - in Trafalger Square etc etc

Its time to get out and let them get on with it me thinks


Well all in all what does it matter where Baddass and sons are...they are out of power and that's good stuff...I would rather not have to witness the yanks and their vengeful trials and executions of the bad guys.
And whatever the real objectives and motivations for this war, if generations of Iraqi people as a side effect can live in peace with freedom of thought and speech and with enough food in their belly and water to drink...then that's what's best for the British soldiers to focus on and  to know they contributed towards achieving good things.
(just one of my many opinions ;D)


they seek him here they seek him everywhere  ;D coo eee saddam are youuuuuuuu there ! cooo eeeeeeeee

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