Where is Saddam?

We'll get all sorts of funnies here I know, but this is a serious question, because with all the resources at their disposal, you would have thought that Saddam would at least be caught and wasted by now.

So where is he?

My theory is that he is in a country that is either friendly with the US, or who are important business allies. The reason I say this is because I believe he is somewhere close.

He probably has enough dosh stashed to make him seem agreeable to Allies of the Allies as they know we won't attack them right off, but he doesn't have enough to make him welcome in a country where the Yanks might not mind going in to get him en masse, as in Afghanistan with Bin Laden.

No chance he's in Iran, no chance Syria or Jordan, no chance Turkey and no chance Russia, though maybe.With all the trouble with Saudi lately, and the Yanks planning on leaving there entirely, my money is on there.
Health insurance for the self employed?

Are you mad woman?

It's funny you should mention that name coz I have just met a new bloke called Saddam. He's a Middle Eastern chap, I think he manages a haulage company coz he was talking about organising his truck journey to England.

He sounds very exciting - sent a PM to me having logged on to arrse, saw the Lonely Hearts column and got in touch. Romantic eh? Well, seems this guy is FILTHY rich (so hopefully I might get lots of pressies)! Apparently he has loads of money stashed away in the Middle East and is currently organising a bank transfer to UK. Then he says he is going to give me and my friends in the Army a big surprise! Isn't that nice of him??!!

Anyway - I'll say cheerio for the mo as I have to go and cook him dinner - he moved in last week as apparently I make the the best tahini outside his hometown of Tirkit (at least, someplace like that). Someone who enjoys my cooking - I could marry him!!!
I heard something in the news about Chirac's proctologist finding a strange growth on his arrse, seems to weigh in at about 200 lbs.

Leave it to a proctologist to find a turd

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