Where is Osama

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by scalieback, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/2827261.stm

    My guess is the local chip shop :roll:
  2. Where is Osama?

    Closer than any of us think :roll:
  3. Hes in the USA. where better to be than in the home land of the people who are only having a half arrsed attempt at finding you?
  4. I don't think he's in Afghanistan, or Iran or Pakistan for that matter.

    I think he's either back in Saudi , or a damn sight closer than I want to think about.

    "Any car nearer" :D

    That Video is still bugging me, and I still can't think what it is , it's staring me in the bloody face, and it's bugging me.
  5. Isn't he down to do Panto in Eastbourne this year?

    Along with the runner up in big brother and half a dozen failed soap stars supported by sacked footy players!

    Oh and also the blue peter bloke whos " really wackie, right man" :roll:
  6. He could be your local taxi driver. :roll:
  7. Production values, PTP? It looked far too slick to have been taken in an "Afghan cave".
  8. Nah, you guys are all wrong

    he is secretly studdying the corupt capitalist sinning country that is the UK from the inside.

    He is undcover working in my local kebab shop and is waiting for his chance to spread his evil biological weapons in the shape of his special chilli sauce all over the donners!!!! 8O

    agent smith
  9. That's one thing EFPP

    As well as no trademark Baby AK or US Woodland camo jacket.

    I'm also sure he's worn that robe in a video before.

    No reference to the Islamic calendar, no reference to "great" insurgent victories in Iraq, no quoting chunks from the Koran

    Those are some of the things that are bugging me , but there's something obvious.

    Apart from him being in good health for a bloke at deaths door from Kidney failure.

    The tone of that transcript was almost civilised.Is he reading from a tele-prompter?
  10. he may well have had a kidney transplant (after all im sure there are more than one crazed who would love to donate an organ to the great one)

    i think he is trying to escalate the war by getting americans to vote GWB back in (which i agree with!) by deliverately appealing to their nationalistic streak (ie dont tell US who to vote for jackass!!)

    lets just hope that he is turned into a pile of rags any time soon!!!

  11. Fu$king Americans.

    Osama must have rammed Blairs boots right up the old star fish!
  12. He's down Croydon's Immigration Centre, waiting to collect his 'entitlement' of £200+ weekly benefits, four star lodgings they've put him into, food stamps, and police protection in case of reprisals.
    Doctors have diagnosed clinical depression and insomia due to extreme regrets of his past events, and have prescribed regular 'evening company' complete with a sexy silky burka. Three times daily, shake thoroughly before taking.

    Far fetched I know. Could happen? Wouldn't be surprised.
  13. If anyone wants it the transcript is here
  14. Well now it's easy to see which bits were removed for "Security Evaluation" :roll: