Where is Osama


The search for Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden - top of America's "Most Wanted" list
The latest videotape in which al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden threatened the United States has renewed speculation as to where he could be hiding.
Since the 11 September attacks, a number of video tapes, audio recordings, faxes and other statements have been attributed to Bin Laden.

The latest tape was aired on Friday on the Arabic television station al-Jazeera in which Bin Laden says the reasons behind the 9/11 attacks were still present.

It is Bin Laden's clearest claim of responsibility yet for the attacks and US officials have said they believe the tape is genuine.

The tape was delivered to the office of the Islamabad bureau of al-Jazeera - an action that is likely to have embarrassed Pakistan's leader, General Pervez Musharraf, one of the US's closes ally in the war against terror.

The US has also thrown some of its best resources into hunting the al-Qaeda leader, using satellite tracking systems and sophisticated spying systems.

He is believed to be hiding in the remote tribal region along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border along with his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri.

Pakistan has deployed tens of thousands of troops in the area and US forces regularly carry out raids on the Afghan side of the border.

However the last reliable intelligence on the al-Qaeda leader appears to be from November or December 2001 during the US-led bombing of Afghanistan, when US forces apparently intercepted radio messages in which he was directing troops from the mountainous region of Tora Bora.

In January 2004 al-Jazeera released an audio tape in which Bin Laden talks about the capture of Saddam Hussein and attacks Arab states for backing the US-led war on Iraq.

In September-October 2003 audio tapes are released by al-Jazeera. In the tapes, Bin Laden praises the 11 September hijackers and call for new attacks on America. The CIA confirms the tapes are "probably" genuine.

In April 2003 an audio recording said to be of Bin Laden, in which he calls for attacks on the governments of the Gulf states, is released by the Associated Press news agency.

In March 2003 senior al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is arrested in Pakistan. Investigators believe he kept in contact with Bin Laden through e-mails and hand-delivered messages.

In February 2003 an audio tape purporting to be by Bin Laden in which he called for attacks on US and British targets if Iraq was to be attacked was broadcast.

In November 2002 a tape surfaced on Arabic TV station al-Jazeera. A speaker, which voice experts identified as belonging to Bin Laden, referred to attacks in Bali, Yemen and the Moscow siege last November, indicating he was alive at least until the end of the siege.

However Bin Laden's network suffered a blow in September 2002 when an alleged planner of the 11 September attacks, Ramzi Binalshibh, was captured in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

For much of 2002, information and intelligence on Bin Laden grew sparse, and it emerged in May that troops from the US-led coalition in Afghanistan had begun collecting human DNA samples in the Afghan mountains of Tora Bora to establish whether he had died there.

In April 2002 old clips of Bin Laden and some of his top aides, were aired on al-Jazeera, along with footage of an 11 September hijackers reading what appeared to be his suicide note.

Frustrated with the lack of progress, US officials admitted in December 2001, three months after the 11 September attacks, that they had no information on the al-Qaeda leader's whereabouts.

Al-Jazeera released more footage of Bin Laden, in which he refers to the 11 September attacks, and the US Government warns that any foreign country found harbouring the wanted Saudi dissident would suffer the consequences.

In November 2001 a letter, alleged to be from Bin Laden, calls on Muslims in Pakistan to stand up for Islam as the country supports the US-led campaign against Afghanistan.

And in October 2001, Bin Laden warns in a statement - broadcast on al-Jazeera two hours after the US-led coalition begins military strikes against Afghanistan - that it will have no rest until the Middle East conflict is resolved and US military bases in the region are shut down.
My guess is the local chip shop :roll:
Where is Osama?

Closer than any of us think :roll:
Hes in the USA. where better to be than in the home land of the people who are only having a half arrsed attempt at finding you?
I don't think he's in Afghanistan, or Iran or Pakistan for that matter.

I think he's either back in Saudi , or a damn sight closer than I want to think about.

"Any car nearer" :D

That Video is still bugging me, and I still can't think what it is , it's staring me in the bloody face, and it's bugging me.
Isn't he down to do Panto in Eastbourne this year?

Along with the runner up in big brother and half a dozen failed soap stars supported by sacked footy players!

Oh and also the blue peter bloke whos " really wackie, right man" :roll:
Nah, you guys are all wrong

he is secretly studdying the corupt capitalist sinning country that is the UK from the inside.

He is undcover working in my local kebab shop and is waiting for his chance to spread his evil biological weapons in the shape of his special chilli sauce all over the donners!!!! 8O

agent smith
That's one thing EFPP

As well as no trademark Baby AK or US Woodland camo jacket.

I'm also sure he's worn that robe in a video before.

No reference to the Islamic calendar, no reference to "great" insurgent victories in Iraq, no quoting chunks from the Koran

Those are some of the things that are bugging me , but there's something obvious.

Apart from him being in good health for a bloke at deaths door from Kidney failure.

The tone of that transcript was almost civilised.Is he reading from a tele-prompter?
he may well have had a kidney transplant (after all im sure there are more than one crazed who would love to donate an organ to the great one)

i think he is trying to escalate the war by getting americans to vote GWB back in (which i agree with!) by deliverately appealing to their nationalistic streak (ie dont tell US who to vote for jackass!!)

lets just hope that he is turned into a pile of rags any time soon!!!

Fu$king Americans.

Osama must have rammed Blairs boots right up the old star fish!
He's down Croydon's Immigration Centre, waiting to collect his 'entitlement' of £200+ weekly benefits, four star lodgings they've put him into, food stamps, and police protection in case of reprisals.
Doctors have diagnosed clinical depression and insomia due to extreme regrets of his past events, and have prescribed regular 'evening company' complete with a sexy silky burka. Three times daily, shake thoroughly before taking.

Far fetched I know. Could happen? Wouldn't be surprised.
Well now it's easy to see which bits were removed for "Security Evaluation" :roll:
He actually runs a Kebab van at RAF Halton. I was there on the evening of 9/11 and the van didn't turn up that night. Coincidence or what?
Put one of those Hamish hats on him instead of the rag. That's where he'll be 8O
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