Where is Osama?

OBL is...

  • Alive, and living in Pakistan/Afghan Border

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  • Alive, and living in Langley, Virgina, or Crawford, Texas

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  • Dead, but Al Queda keeps falsifying tapes from him

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Andy, couldn't we have the option 'Dead, but someone with the stated interest of smoking him out keeps falsifying tapes from him?' many thanks.

EDITED: Sorry! I jumped the gun before reading your message.
He is definetly dead, killed in the early action in Afghanistan probably by the SAS. Half his heart is now sat in a jar in the Albert Hall, next to the jar that holds Hitlers testicle.

I would have changed it Andy , but I can't for 2 reasons.

1. Everyone knows he's driving a cab in Leeds "2 to the station and paradise please"

2. I don't fancy seeing a Ford SUV with tinted windows in the drive.
i'm sure its that bloke at the high street kabob shop.
My uncle bears a remarkable resemblence to Bin Laden only real difference is he has a slightly shorter beard.....
Foreign student at Staff College.
Working at a small kebab shop in the West Midlands.

Nah hes will keep hopping over the AfghaN-Pakistani boarder. The Americans would like to go nuke carpet bombing to get him. And if he died they would of made a matyr of him.
The_Dragoon said:
He runs a lap-dancing club in Wolverhampton ?
Apparently he does the occasional strip too... Under the secret name Osama Lin Baden!
I have even put a tenner in his thong for a private dance... I came twice!!!!!!!
Most likely in Finsbury Park Mosque on the phone to his kid's school trying to get them free school dinners while he waits for his giro to turn up.

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