Where is ooooh matron?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by TRAZTAZ, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. To you personally, who the frick are you and why are you on my case? Whats your problem? Will I see you in Nurenburg between the 8th and 11th Next month? If not Cut that crap out on your sig please!
  2. Why couldn't you just PM him? Your weapon handling's shit by the way.
  3. He's your Great Aunt Maude
  4. Offer him out, he's only a wee slip of a chap.
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  5. I've seen thalidomide's handle a weapon better than TRAZTAZ.

    I Agree with the my Latin amigo,oooh matron cries at rainbows and enjoys watching Glee. PM him for a strainer TRAZTAZ.
  6. Still recovering from the MiT/SS debate?
    My sides have only just stopped aching.
    Haaaaave him on the cobbles my son.
  7. What have I missed and is there going to be a fight?
  8. It's been kicking off a bit lately, must be a combination of the asteroids, comets and horsemeat diet IMO
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  9. And will there be boiled eggs?
  10. Not if MiT gets there first, allegedly.
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  11. Who asked you for your opinion you cunt?......outside, carpark, now!

    Oh, sorry, just getting swept up with this bitchfest. Pint? Meet halfway. Bring a pair of wellies as it will be a bit wet.

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  12. My signature comment is a health warning and acts as a public service. It's not personal, it's just there to assist people in deciding who doesn't know much about firearms.

    And that's you fella.
  13. Sorry old chap been away a few days but now back and have time to answer, and very very glad to see that you have amended your signature to read firearms, not guns, as it used to read because that would make you look an ass. 8th to 11th, going to be there? Love to meet you!! Guns almost called me a gunfitter!!
  14. You're boring as fuck, fella.
  15. Nope, I didn't change a thing. Whilst not knowing much about firearms would include not knowing much about guns it's not necessary to be quite so specific. For clarity however (and only because you seem to want to demonstrate specific absences in your skillset) I'll add that you clearly don't know much about rifles, pistols, or guns. I doubt you know anything meaningful about any civilian or military firearm and lack any mature understanding on the techniques used to efficiently, safely and accurately bring them in to use.

    You lack talent and humour and almost certainly have a drink problem.

    In any case, thanks for popping in. Do please bear in mind that you do not very much about firearms. Fella.