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Where is my post regarding 5 instructors being suspended????

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In a statement the MoD said it had already been in the process of investigating several of the cases brought to them by the BBC documentary team.

"...where allegations were new, we immediately launched further investigations," it said.

"We are, however, unable to comment on the details of specific cases so that we do not prejudice ongoing legal processes."


1. Its currently under investigation so is sub judice! Discussion on the subject is therefore out of the question.

2. We often have a lot of Journos on here sniffing around - we don't need to give them uninformed opinion. The investigation will determine what the facts are.

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drunken_rad_op said:
Yea god forbid if we had freedom of speech in a public forum!
Don't confuse freedom of speech with the right of publication. You do have the right to say what you like but, not to have it published on this forum.
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