Where is he now? Uber Walt and Idi Amin lookalike thread

Discussion in 'Officers' started by cpunk, Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Much to my regret, I've had to move this thread to the Bat Cave, so 'game over'. I have to say I'm somewhat unimpressed by some of the contributions which were made to it towards the end which were, by any stretch of the imagination, childish and vindictive. Well done to those responsible, you fücked up a thread which was both amusing and an object lesson in integrity.
  2. which ones did you mean? :)
  3. No! Not the Bat Cave!
  4. cpunk. Sad you were forced to bag the topic. The man would be a marvelous subject for George MacDonald Fraser.
  5. Object or abject?
  6. cant believe we lost this thread. back to the dull stuff.
  7. Someone else who didn't have to pick up the pieces...
  8. cpunk
  9. Well, where is he now?

    Has he reformed?

    Is he still making us all laugh?

    Is there another episode in this soap?
  10. ssshhh you cant talk about it
  11. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Care to share this one with the rest of us?????
  12. Guys.... I was reading this one with glee, but only got halfway through before it was pulled.

    What is the 'Bat Cave'? (does this mean Deleted?)

    If it can be resurrected in a closed form - please lets start a petition, I really want to read the rest.

    I actually met Idi at a secret helicopter training base in Shropshire. We thought it mildly amusing when he disappeared for a while to do some porridge in the middle of his pilot's course.

    But I had no idea there were so many dits out there.

    Please send me more!
  13. The Bat Cave is a part of the forum for moderators where we park threads where there's an issue about content - for example pending editing certain posts or 2nd opinions from the CO's.

    I believe that complaints were made regarding the "outing" of the African Dictator Doppleganger and veiled references as to his current employer. We were also a bit concerned about the general direction of the thread which went from being a collection of dits to character assasinations of more than just the subject of the discussion, ergo Cpunk quarantined it.
  14. Well, can we have the collection of dits back, minus the character abraiding parts?