Where is he now? 10th Anniversary of the Baron of Castleshort

Mike Barton

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You do realise that QSOH is probably less realistic than Emmerdale?
That's interesting. I didn't realise that, it did seem to be a genuine account (with a few embllishments of course but what old soldier hasn't spiced up the odd story?).

Is it actually QSOH you are referring to or the McAuslan stories?


Only 7 people on here have actually served, and 4 of those do not actually give a feck :)
Yeah, exactly. If it got the bloke a quick peel and polish off some mucky little Chiquita, fair play to him. Thats what I used my service (well, both services I suppose) for. As long as he gets his round in and doesn't pretend to be anywhere when I was, good luck to him.
Three of the funniest threads ever seen on arrse centered on Baron Castleshort, Caubeen & Frank Swann respectively. I often wonder what became of the latter pair.
He's back folks! This time the lucky Australians have his company!
Senior Instructor - James Shortt
I don't think they are based anywhere down here . Notice how it says "IBA South Pacific" rather than "IBA Australia" and very little to no information as to where the training is held. The only reference to Australia is a PO Box in Queensland (PO boxes tend to be part of Jimbos modus operandi). Buggered if I know how he's going to train people in the Bodyguard Ski Course up there.

He's probably sitting on an abandoned island out in the South Pacific acting like a tin pot dictator after being rendered homeless after his castle burnt down. I think he's aware of the ongoing ARRSE interest in him as shown by the following entry in this rather badly built website.

EDIT: Hahaha, it seems that the website has been inundated (probably due to it being posted here) and it's maxed out its bandwidth. Anyone want to throw in a few sheckels to Shorty so he can upgrade his web package? Didn't think so.
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