Where is everyone

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by THE_EDITOR, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. Ok - I'm missing out on the fun somewhere as no one is here - so do tell where are you all ??
  2. Just popping in and out, why are you feeling lonely?
  3. ahhh! You should bring a book into work and take your mind off things.
  4. I am here in the East Midlands trying to decide what to have for lunch - great decisions of our time. Pse report if you find that fun is being had somewhere.
  5. I'm on the arrse website of course!!!
  6. I'm in Wilton, living the dream!
  7. On leave downloading as much as possible, until next week , then back to work :)
  8. Doing advanced E+E training with the ducks
  9. On Arrse, in my office in Whitehall with 3 hours to push
  10. About 8000 miles away. Not telling you where though.
  11. ho hum - I'm bored in GE
  12. MPA?
  13. well i'm guessing many are either in warcop or stanta... it's that time of year again :)
  14. I'm at my PC in my house, about to go to the gym, then I might walk in the nicely chilled rain for a swift pint or seven of Guinness... Aaaaahhh.