Where is everyone

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. Whats going on? no posts, questions, polls, scandal or banter in Aviation!

    Im rapidly losing the will to live in here.....
  2. Totally agree with you Mutters, old boy. I thought we'd get plenty of scandal or stories from the sandy place but............ were is everyone??
  3. i think some of us arn't posting as much cause the chat room function, we tend to vent our spleen on there!

    will try to post more! and those serving seem to be a bit busy!
  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Maybe I am to blame a little, I haven't given the board the time it deserves, apologies to all and will make an effort from here on :oops:
  5. its because theres less than 50 peeople in the aac :lol:
    one lynx on salisbury plain
    on in germany
    one in ireland
    one in the sand pit
    and someone to check on the apaches in the garage :twisted:
  6. CmtBB, are you a member of DAavn by any chance?

    For your info, You will seeat least four Lynx on SPTA, at least two Lx in Germany, many in NI and several in the sand pit. If you see any more, we've failed at our primary role of cam and concealment. Believe me, there are alot more out there! Despite Wastelands best efforts, our spanner blokes are doing an epic job. Equate it to keeping a Maserati Bora on the road for £45 a year! A flawed design with bugger all support from the manufactor and more expensive to run than a medium sized 2nd world country................. but ultimatley a pilots cab!

    Thank god BLUH will be such a departure! (think XR3 to XR3irevolution!).

    No use of mirrors and projectors were used in the making of putting more than 10 army lx in the air at the same time, its a coincidence.
  7. But much use of Harry Black, chewing gum, gorilla snot and superglue :D
  8. lololol not hear gorilla snot used for ages
  9. I enter the site 4 or 5 times a day at the weekend and am disappointed at the lack of posts. Surely there is more happening in the Corps than is portrayed here?? Does ANYONE know who the candidates are for the Directorship????????
  10. Is Hugh N*****m in the frame or has he left (again)?
  11. Whoever it is can't be as bad as the one we have now. Apparently his tent wasn't involved in the war last time around. Brilliant story, if you ask nicely I will tell you more.....