Where is everybody?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mbwest, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. And what are they all doing?

    Basically, over the next few months I will be getting myself on to an attachment with the Royal Signals and just wanted to get an idea of where everyone is and what they are doing?

    Any recommendations on the best unit to try and get a CURRENT attachment with. e.g. Even if YOUR unit is the best, if you are in Wales all year, in the rain, digging holes then I don't think I'd enjoy that too much, so I'll leave that sort of thing, at least until I'm getting paid for it.

    Thanks in advance for all your help and obviously all your corrections on my spelling and grammar!
  2. Stay away from:

    14 sigs (wales)
    101 log bde (Aldershot)
    7 sigs (Germany)

    in my opinion they are all crap units

    if you can get to an armoured BDE preferably Germany (hard work but great social life)

    Failing that get to a NATO post Slipper city!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Whats wrong with 14? Might be a shite location but the job they do is good.
  4. come to 2 sigs,in York, its great on the lash :) need i say anymore? no :p
  5. Whats' wrong with the mighty 7?
  6. Come to 14 we have a great number of sports and extra curriculum stuff available

    8) Drill Club
    :lol: Parkour/Freerunning club
    :D Cage fighting club
    :wink: Dance and rythmic gymnastics club

    And Football....
  7. Football? At 14? Fukc off!!
  8. No units out in Cyprus then!?

    Is there a website somewhere which shows where each unit is and what they are up to?
  9. Why Cyprus? Go on amuse me
  10. Stand by for Sandhurst then.

    In all seriousness - firstly, this Corps doesn't do a huge amount of digging in the rain, but if that is what your Unit is doing, then that is what you do; not only that, but you set an example while you are doing it.
    Secondly, if you don't think you'll enjoy digging in the rain, give a big think to what you plan to do for a year come September. If RMAS hasn't changed, you can expect the second term to be the main exercise focus - for you this will be January to March :muhaha:
  11. What are you now mbwest, cadets or OTC or summat? If you have a non-affinity to digging holes then perhaps the Army isn't your most suited occupation! Joking aside, I don't know any Signals units whose role it is to dig holes in Wales all year round. It's good to have high hopes for your attachment but try not to dismiss mere field army units in favour of some highly-esteemed underwater, knife-fighting, special "hacking into the pentagon" cyberwarrior unit. (hang on...that sounds like a great posting!)

    If you want to know where every unit is then go to http://www.army.mod.uk/royalsignals/organisation/index.html and check it out.
  12. Go to Germany. Relieve boredom and frustration by drinking, fighting and visiting the gentleman's clubs.

    That will give you the true picture of life in Garrison (at least from the OR's perspective)!

    P.S. I f*ckin loved it in Germany..no duff!
  13. what he said

    its everything you ever dreamed of.... kind of

    toodle pip!
  14. Oh wow,
    Talk about taking things too seriously, should I stand to attention when I post on here too?
    For Gods sake -ooops blasphemy, apologies in advance!! - I just want something relatively fun and a chance to meet and talk to the people in the Corps and find out what it's all about!
    Oh and I’ll bear in mind next time I’m ordered to dig a big hole to set an example while I do so.
    I understand there are ups and downs and I’m not expecting some underwater knife fighting around the Pentagon!
    I would however like to use this time wisely and hopefully enjoy myself a bit at the same time, so I am looking for a posting that is relatively interesting and, god forbid, enjoyable.
    The Army can't be that bland and boring or surely you wouldn't all still be there.

    Thanks for the link!!
  15. WTF?

    fuck off you ungrateful boring cunt!