Where is all the kit?

I've found it!!!!

Get yourself to the stores on your nearest crab base. Just been to the one on the station I'm at. Fecking enormous hanger full of everything, including sandy kit, just seen my first desert DPM noddy suit thought they were an urban myth. Just exchanged 2 old 95 ripstop jackets for new hoodie windproofs, didn't even have to sign for them despite being a random pongo. Asked about exchanging my pants hi-tech (sic) dessie wellies and was asked which type out of about 7 varieties of boot I wanted. They have the kit and they let people have it, bizzare!!! :twisted:
We have a great Supply system - it is designed to supply! We just miss out the grumpy QMan who believes anything on the shelf is his personal issue and not for anyone else.

Welcome to our world.
Have to agree.

I was originally issued all sorts of fifth or sixth hand webbing etc and have discovered that the Sqn storesbloke is most unlike your usual Army QM.

Whatever I want and can reason that I need is mine. I am rotating out all the bits and bobs with bust clips, patched tears etc. without a problem!

The man is a pleasure to deal with; anything on the shelf is yours on a one-to-one swap. If not and he's got a better one in his 'grot-box', it's yours. If we're still not happy, then he'll order it. Miracle of miracles, when I next parade, it's actually there!

Good luck to all you Pongos; get thee hence to thine nearest outpost of Blue and get cracking!
So, when I got to pick up my oppo from Brize can I pop over to the G10 / QM guy and get some old kit exchanged?

Or would that be kicking the arrse out of it?!


Even though I'm posted to a lodger unit on this station there was no check made as to who I was or whether I was entitled to be there. My 1157 isn't even held here it's at my parent Unit in the Shot, not that anyone tried to call up my details it was just old kit in new kit out. I would give it a go, just don't take the pi** and turn up with everything.

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