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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tiger stacker, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. Now if Mossad can track down Ricardo Klement then surely they can find out where Cpl Hitler lies.
  2. _Chimurenga_

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    I always assumed he ended up in Argentina.
  3. I always assumed he had plastic surgery and became Peter Mandleson.
  4. I heard he was killed in a burning mica after a binge-fest
  5. Having been interested in this for some twenty odd years, I'd concluded that his teeth had been taken to his Berlin dentist by the Russians and identified against his records. Other stories tell of his remains (skull and jawbone?) being buried in a Magdeburg Forest and then moved again when the Eastern Bloc fell.

    If this is all untrue and Hitler's remains weren't eventually moved to the Kremlin (where they are supposed to be) where are they then? And were they ever found?
  6. I watched a documentary ages ago that says that hitler and eva braun's bodies were discovered by a NKVD task force set up for this one task then got half way home through poland. They stopped for the night and burried the remains in ammo cases in a wood. Other ivan units saw them do this thinking "mmm sumat shiney" dug em up and found the bones and scattered them. The NKVD left em like this and it stayed like this untill the 80's when the KGB went and stripped the place to stop Neo-Nazies turning the place into some kind of memorial. They then distroyed all the remains.

    This may not bee 100% accurate as it was a very long time ago i saw this.

    *Edit* oh except his jawbone which they kept and is in the kremlin/some russian archive
  7. Couldn't be. Adolf could never have been that right wing.
  8. The one bit that intrigues me is not the skull - there are various stories about the fate of the skeletons, but the "absence of forensic evidence" (such as it was in 1945) that they died in the bunker.

    Certainly, with careful pre-planning, it would have been possible for them to fake their deaths and for a very small group of informed people to smuggle the "corpses" outside, where they could have been spirited away. Given the many accounts from the bunker, it would be fairly easy to isolate those who were in close enough proximity to verify death (or otherwise) and cross-reference to establish whether such a secret could have been kept.

    Given Hitler's state of mind at the end though, I doubt a life in South America would have held much appeal, although I've always been surprised that Eva Braun took this way out: she would probably have got away with 10 years imprisonment had she lived.

    If any death was faked, I'd say it would have been Eva Braun...
  9. Interesting tale.
    Can't have imagine any NKVD type going back and telling Uncle Joe they had failed to find Adolf's remains.
    If he survived then he is certainly dead by now, but as with all conspiracy's surely some more credible evidence of Life would have surfaced by now.
  10. Not if you had a REAL incentive to keep your head down... think witness protection with attitude.

    Additionally, think of the D Day deception plan, its not inconceivable that the Germans had a cunning deception plan too.

    Shave off the tash, wear a blonde wig... give a few inspirational speeches... marry Dennis.
  11. On a lighter note will anyone put through a FOI request to the Met for a thorough search of the Albert hall. Or do we have to outsource to these chaps for that onehttp://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/c/c8/Adventures_in_the_Rifle_Brigade_no_1.png
  12. I'm pretty sure that the Jews (Simon Wiesenthal, Ari (Something)baum, Mossad and loads of others) weren't initially convinced that Hitler was dead. I remember reading a book yonks ago about the hunt for former Nazis. The title had "patience" in it, something like "Patience is a Virtue", but I'm not sure about that.

    Anyway, it detailed how all these organisations found loads of ex-Nazis all over the world, but they couldn't lift them. So they sent in kieni-mieni teams to top 'em instead. If Hitler and Eva Braun had done a runner, it's almost certain that these folks would've found them.

  13. "Shave off the tash, wear a blonde wig... give a few inspirational speeches... marry Dennis. "

    Ah now please tell us about this Dennis ya wants ta wed.
    This is an adult board so don't worry Most folk will understand about your 'Tendencies'.
    That's understand not approve.