Where is 11 regt and 821 moving to?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Lordfelcher, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. heres another topic to get idle speculation, conjecture and hearsay going!
    In fact the real aim is to get so many AT orientated topics going that you have to browse at least 2 pages before a mention of a DROPS!
    Seriously can every one fit into the Kineton centre of excellence? does that mean that you can spend your entire career geting posted to different organisations in one camp? Were the rumours of the "Brain" turning down South Cerney true?
  2. Shouldn't be too hard to home them. Let's look at why:

    They have too few vehicles & have to scrounge when required - no need to store, park, or service them. :lol:

    They will only get half the no of men there at any one time as they'll get promoted & posted immediately after getting 20mins continuous face time without a day's duty :twisted:

    They'll be away on the swans that used to get shared around 11 and then complain they're always away. :roll:

    You only need a filing cabinat to store Line Serial Numbers. There are no men to fill the LSNs so no need to accomodate them. :lol:

    We're all going to be replaced or civilianised. HSE to do licenses, Sup Cons to do inspections (they know best in their LSI teams after all) & Sup Specs to store and supply (oh sorry - you're all "Suppliers" now, that'll allow the deserving Sup Spec to catch the promotion of the tossah Sup Cons!) HSE/ Civ Pol to accident investigation, Prime Smart Contractor to do PADs, Surveilance, Proof, monitoring and Dems of life expired kit, 33 to do blinds, RSigs to assist Civ Pol for VVips and last but not least anyone who fancies it to do IEDD (just get them out of the RLC for feck's sake - we don't understand the ATs) so no need for 11 Regt. :p

    Cynical? Me? Who could have suggested that. 8O

    HQ 11 needs a new home because Vauxhall Bks is prime brown field housing land - to make money :evil: :!:

    821 could exist on paper (except Alpha Trunks) and be accomodated and employed in 5,6,7 & 921 Sqns and when 821 is required to tour we'd all know who was going and the we could plan their replacements.

    Planning - there's an idea :!:
  3. After that rant I forgot to say what and where I'd heard!

    Biscester, maybe RAF Biscester (getting smaller by the day as the ind estate expands), DLO Caversfield (the old Inf/pioneer camp) or St Georges at COD Biscester where 16 Ord (Sup Regt) Bn used to be - but that and where the Pioneers are now was also listed as a possible asylum camp.

    Kineton is now out the window with DEMMS expanding its plan.

    How about Brawdy. Its unpleasant, miles away from anywhere, and the RSigs are moving out soonish. Sounds ideal - noone wants to be there and the RLC are involved! You heard it here first :wink:
  4. I heard that it may be the Outer Hebs.

    Someone at the puzzle palace heard that there is some AA missle firings sometimes. If they move the Regt there it would save money on travelling costs to monitor the firings.
  5. If you look up the word 'cynical' in the dictionary, there's an avatar with Eric Cartman dressed as a sumo wrestler.

    Cynic; "A blackguard whose faulty vision allows him to see the world as it is and not as it should be." Ambrose Bierce - Devil's Dictionary, 1909

    Much the same reason why DEMSS finally came to pass, and why it is all to be located in Kineton - the land at Chattenden is worth more. God knows why, that bit of the North Kent coast is the spiritual home of chavs everywhere.

    My suggestion for 11 Regt HQ & 821's new home is a large game farm in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Lots of real estate. Rubbish for getting anywhere else, but great for bagging the odd antelope on a morning's stroll with hound and rifle.
  6. Kineton in 2008 is the answer. (well whenever you ask the question take todays date and add three years).

    Are you after Alpha Trunks fat blerk, you sound a bit fond of 821.
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    There must be some mothballed camps available.

    I think there's one at Driffield. Move the HQ up North I say.
  8. Driffield is full of grain....and otherwise derelict!

    Alpha Trunks have been begging for me for years Cabbage..... Their landing mats for fast rope are worn out!

    You may remember that the Scottish lune and myself petitioned the current CO at his dining in for such a post. I wait in the land of LOA for his siren call.

    Yeah really! 821? Feck off!
  9. So many different rumours floating about. Here's some more.

    DLO Caversfield is actually based on the old RAF Bicester site, less airfield which may become housing, shops etc. Site was a possibility for HQ 11 and Ops Rm but I thought it had been binned.

    The Asylum centre is to built on one of the old sites of BOD Bicester, "A" site to be specific.

    St George's Bks, former home of 16, was being mothballed for 6 Regt with 61 going to Kineton. St David's is full of Pioneers.

    821 were also alleged to be going into the old 92 Sqn blg at Kineton with Alpha going elsewhere.
  10. I spoke with 11's RCMO and the posting order is on it's way to you fatty.

    A trip to the emergency liposuction clinic methinks!
  11. Isnt Depot RLC moving to driffield? then recruits arent scared about doing guard duty without getting a double tap to the head? I think longtown is the ideal site, lots of room and no other unit to argue with!
  12. Its still Kineton, there was some vague rumblings recently about the move, but those of us in the know have realised that we are unlikely to move before 2010 if at all.

    The housing at sunny Didders is to remain for Abingdon overspill and Blk 1 is about to receive a very large cash injection to make it into suitable singly accomodation for juniors.

    The Seniors are expected to move into further private hirings and the married quarters that singlies abandon.
  13. Nearly correct TheChosenOne, the cash injection has disappeared and the Seniors will get to move into vacated quarters, no chance of the hirings going to them, although the "lodgers" on VB from Abingdon, Benson, High Wycombe etal are to be moved out allowing people based at Sunny D to actually live there! :?
  14. That all dissapeared quick, last week the extra hirings were being sorted and the money was pretty much in the bag!!

    Who pulled the plug? I cant see it being 101 Bde?
  15. At the moment it is St George's Bks (near A Site) at Bicester that is full of Pioneers (23 Regt) while St. Davids Bks (near D Site) is being rebuilt into Z Blocks? (Single Room Accommodation) for them. They are due to move back to St. Davids from 2008? onwards. St. George's will then be vacant again.

    Bicester Accommodation Centre for Asylum Seekers will be built on A Site near to Piddington (Down the road from St. George's Bks) no barracks areas are being used. Check out the images of this hotel!