Where in the world ?

Hi all, really want to join TA just wondering if could get a quick idea of where in the world TA soldiers get deployed to mainly ?

My mate joined and he went/ is going to Cyprus to patrol the Greek/Cyprus border, thats something i wouldnt mind doing, do you get a choice of where you go ?

Answers would be much appreciated
Chap, going forward on the basis that this isn't a wind up, my 2p worth...Which may or may not be 100% correct....

1, TA mobilisation is voluntary at moment unless an act of parliment gets passed due to something big coming over the hill.

2, Different Corps / Regiments are used for different thingsin different places . Obvious big deployment is Afghan but there are others. Army / MOD website has a summary of current operational deployments, levels of personnel etc.

3, Cyprus is UN tour, don't know any more details than that. My brother in law did a stint out there in the regs a while back and didn't enjoy the quote 'dusty, rat infested hole of a place' but I've never been so can't comment.

4, Post defence review, the Graduated Committment Model (GCM) may well end up being the default for TA in most cases (lots of thread inches on what this means) So if you are picky about what you will or won't do, choose your cap badge and/or unit carefully. Also bear in mind that you're willingness to deploy to unpleasant places may well directly affect the other opportunities that the TA are prepared to put your way.

If it is a wind up, then I fell for it and bollocks....
Aint a wind up i just know very little currently unemployed and looking at differant career paths and TA looks like a really intresting career choice, thanks alot for the quick reply.

Will have a look at the 'summary of current operational deployments' in a minute, cheers.
You don't want the TA as a career as most units will be on 27 days work a year, GCM not withstanding. That said haveing the TA to earn that little bit extra is a good thing and you do get to do more interesting things.
Greece and Cyprus don't have a border. The British do UN tours, centred on the capital in Nicosia, and patrol the line between the Greek Cypriot south and the Turkish Cypriot north (I believe quite a few TA soldiers have done this). The UK also has 2 large Sovereign Base Areas, about 100 sq miles, at Akrotiri/Episkopi and at Dhekelia/Ayios Nicolias, though Dhekelia is on a slippery down-sizing slope .

Spent 3 years in Cyprus and loved it, though it does eventually become a bit Groundhog Day (or look it's sunny again).
Rather than TA as a career its normally common practice to join the regs if you are after a military "career". TA for the vast majority is a part time "career"- something you do as well as another job.
Same as everyone else mate. Not sure what regiment you are thinking of joining, but I wouldn't expect any "cushty" tours or lavish exercises due to current budgets, especially in the Infantry. Most probably the only place you will be able to hold your hand up and go to is Afghan at the moment, until something else kicks off...

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