Where in Scotland is this, and more interestingly, what is it?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mr Happy, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

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  2. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Viaduct foundations. TVM OJG, they didn't look like tank traps by their size and layout (let alone location) but I was wondering.

    TVM, once again ARRSE, the source of all knowledge everywhere..

  3. damn beaten to it :)

    Lovin' the video though, anyone know what the songs are? especially the second one?
  4. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I know they're the viaduct foundations on raasay but you similar on Orkney but they were the bases for the Home Chain Radar.
  5. 1st Song - Wax & Wires by Loch Lomond

    2nd Song - A Little Piece by The Jezabels


  6. i used to live in a lot of places in Scotland. the 6 pipes he is on at the 4:50 mark, is the water feed to the British Alcan plant in Kinlochleven i used to live in foyers road Kinlochleven, next to the plant. the bridge with the lighthouse is the Skye bridge looking back from Skye Kyleside to bass rock station road.

    places i lived in scotland:
    Uig northern Skye
    Claggan Fort William (last house on road to Ben Nevis.)
    Fraserburgh (overlooking the harbour fresh fish every day)
    Kinlochleven (facing the mountains crap weather)

    lovely places to live
  7. You must have been on Buckfast if you think Fraserburgh is a nice place to live....lol.

    Coldest, bleakest, smelliest (the fish), drug fuelled arse end of the world I have ever has the displesure of visiting ;)
  8. Sammie those are indeed some nice places to live.

    I do like the west coast of Scotland and in particular Skye.

    Only spent 8 days in Kinlochleven myself. Sunny and warm on day one then seven days of rain. Still I should have known better going in July!

    After all of that you now live in Southampton! Miss the old days??

  9. I once spent the night in the park of Kinlochleven in the middle of Jan (long story involving walking in from the headwaters of Nevis with a huge Bergen and hypothermia). I was always amazed that were a bunch of shell suited NEDs lurking about obviously peeved that they didnt live in a much bigger town whilest ignoring stunning beauty all around them. To be fair I also bumped into a few unemployed types out taking full advantage of it as well.
    I was based in Glen Coe for more winters than I care to remember now :)
  10. Scenery, songs and Nostalgia aside - that geezer can ride a bike!!!
  11. you'll know Jimmy Savile lives in Glen Coe then, and i do love it up there.

    yea i miss the old days. i just loved to travel and if i liked somewhere, i would ask the wife if she likes it here, we would rent a house/cottage. give notice were we where, and move. i do have to wonder how on earth i got our twin axel 8 birth caravan in some places, wow even getting it out of some places lmao. had to have a crane lift the bugger over a wall into a field so we could unblock a road near Ullapool

    I think Glen Nevis and UIG were both equally tops for places i would settle to live, and Umeå northern Sweden

  12. Cheers very much Q, off on a downloading mission now :)

    I'd love to live in Scotland again, I wouldn't mind where as long as it was not the Glasgow area...and that's mainly because it's ned central, it's too big for my liking and I'm a bit of a woman driver. Ok not a little. a lot.

    I'd quite like to retire to somewhere like Ballater or Ellon.

    Agreed on the Fraserburgh stinking of fish thing though. the same was true of King Street in Aberdeen....fish lorries left it stinking and when I first arrived I genuinely believed it was because Scots people pee-ed in the street on their way home from pubs...when it was explained to me it all made sense. I'll never forget the smell though, not something you want when you're hungover to hell and have an early start at work. Boak.

    Only other problem I had with Scotland was a spot of minor junkie dodging. I walked into my pharmacy one day to pick up a prescription. As I waited about 10 neddy looking types came in went somewhere out the back and came out drinking from plastic cups. I was baffled. wondered why anyone would pop into a pharmacy for a drink. Being as slow as I sometimes am it dawned on me about 6 hours later in the pub much to the amusement of the locals who couldn't believe I was so innocent/sheltered as to not know they were all druggies and just in for their methadone fix!

    Danny MacAskill though, the boy has serious skills and no fear! :nod: Wouldn't like to hurtle down that hill at Edinburgh Castle and get it wrong...
  13. Some of my friends from my university course know Danny, im told hes a realy nice chap but completly mental. He goes through about 3 bikes a year and is on 18 different kinds of meds he's fcuked up so many different bits of himself, his wrists are completly shot.

    Ive held a bit of his broken front wheel bearing as an example of fatigue in class. it was insane what he had done to it.