Where in London?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fltpilot, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. Got to drop a mate in Pall Mall next Saturday night for some dinner they are going to.
    But what to do for 4 hours whilst waiting for them?
    Any places near by to park(cheaply) and get something to eat?
    Or is it a case of going West and getting out of London?
  2. Drinking/Not Drinking, how much do you want to spend?

    Where are you coming from/going to?
  3. Not drinking.
    Coming up from Guildford on A3.
    Was thinking of dropping them & then going to see friends near Heathrow?
  4. Your mate is going to leave you for four hours while you stars licking the restaurant window? Some ******* mate.

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  5. Probably the best idea, you could drop him off then park up in Kendal St car park and enjoy the delights of the Edgeware Rd.
  6. Crypt St Martin's in the Fields, main course pudding and glass of wine for £16, Steak place in Leicester Sq. parking might not be cheap though unless you can park on the Embankment or saff of the River
  7. They are going to some posh doo at some club(no not spearmint rhinos).
    They will probably get well pissed & they asked if i would be the taxi for the night.
    Dont think they fancied being on the last train home with other pissheads!!!
    They have done the same for in the past.
  8. Park where you like on the street, including single yellows after 1830 hours in the Borough of Westminster.... Just watch out for the little restriction notices on a few streets which may not be immediately obvious. Steer clear of Covent Garden and Soho which will be rammed with punters.... Loads of nice little eateries along St Johns Wood High Street in which to while away the time.