Where in EU to naff off to

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by gobbyidiot, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. If you were just hitting middle age, had about £850 a month coming in without working, where in the EU could you sit out a few years while waiting for your rage at everything to subside?

    Hypothetically :D

    I'm guessing that the outer reaches of the union, and a pretty meagre lifestyle.
  2. Anywhere that isn't France or Belgium.
  3. Thinking about it, it's a shame you have £850 a month income because if you were sizteen, had fcuk all plus a binlid or two, you'd be able to live anywhere itn he UK you wanted - all on the government
  4. Why are you limiting yourself to the EU ?
  5. Based on that I'd say somewhere like Bulgaria or Romania. £850 will go quite a long way while you wait for the 20th Century to arrive there.
  6. Greece.

    While living costs/food aren't as cheap as they were pre-Euro, you could get a decent plot of land for very little money and grow much of your own food/oil/wine while twiddling your wrinkly thumbs.

    My dad does the same, funnily enough.

    heating<---wood from olive grove.

    council tax<----non-existent

    water<---- has own well, as most farms do

    Decent hiking too, up in the mountains (ie pretty much everywhere). You could move to some of the more isolated, Balkan regions- Epirus, Thrace etc- and everything would be even cheaper.
  7. Elsewhere's a possibility, but there are big advantages within the union regarding residence, healthcare, voting and reprsentation, right to work should you want to......
  8. Ok - but I would suggest (unoriginally) Goa or the like.

    Lot's of decent Brits taking time out there. Locals are a delight, get yourself a flat. It's as cheap as chips, good variety of food. Plane tickets are a bargain at the moment for some reason, so if you did need to return pronto wouldn't be a problem. No language problems and the monsoon season is about to start - quite a sight in itself I believe.

    Think you might have to renew your visa every 6 months or so, but as I say plenty are doing it.

    Mmm, wish I could come as well !
  9. My mate comes from Goa (via Uganda) and he raves about it - I've heard there are law problems for non-locals; get embroiled and you are screwed, but it's a thought.

    Greece has got potential too - remember "Crazy people" with Dudley Moore. "The French can be annoying. Come to Greece. We're nicer".

    Do Indian courts work in English? I could do Indian Bar Finals and amuse myself doing pro bono work :D , although I suppose that's a good way to p*ss a lot of people off.
  10. Sicily's the place! Nice and warm most of the time, rent and scoff prices are very low and you'll be respected by all as "il inglese vecchio", unless you go yobbing it.

    Just try and avoid any volcanoes. :D :D :D

  11. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Go find a beach in Thailand - lots of expats, good comms, cheap, decent beach front place for £250 a month.

    You'll think you've died and gone to heaven.
  12. Do you fancy a quiet City break or some sun? Try Bruges (medieval) Barcelona (modern), pretty much anywhere in Greece (preferably one of the islands) for sun
  13. Spain
    Forget all the crap about land grab, houses being demolished, The cost of living increasing , scams.

    There has never been a better time to purchase a property provided you do it wisely and they will become even cheaper in some areas.Rentals are taking your hand off. They have hundreds of thousands of unsold properties here that they are trying to offload .

    The weather is normally fantastic ,you can get home quickly and easily if needed.

    Cost of living is still much cheaper ,people freindly, away from the coast crime insignificant ( normally foreighners )

    However i think £850 would be tight anywhere in the EU except for the recently joined countries and then you have to ask yourself would i want to live there . I could not live on £850 here even with no mortgage or debt its only just over £200 a week.

    Think you may have to carry on raging where you are
  14. If prices are going to become cheaper, isn't that a reason not to buy in Spain at present?