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This week I had my 1st stage interview with a retired Colonel about my application to a RE troop commander. He said I was suitable to go to AOSB Briefing but I have postponed this due to a shoulder injury playing rugby, until May time.

The Colonel suggested 4 Corps to look at as well as the RE these were; RLC, Infantry and REME. The REME visit was slightly different as I am going to try and pursuade them to send me to University while in service (if I make it through the other stages). This was arranged at my interview as the Colonel rang the REME recruitment Officer. When should I look to hear back from the Corps? Also has anyone else been given the opportunity to study at University whilst serving?

Also from the interview he suggested reading The Times newspaper as well as reading the Financial Times.

From looking at forum threads about AOSB Briefing the common questions asked by the respective Officers were about "current" leading front bench politicians. What other "curve balls" could I expect to hear, so I can at least do my research and get a heads up on this.

Many thanks hope for some helpful advice.
Can't comment on the timelines, however I'd suggest you read the Week newsmagazine. This publishes the best/most important news stories carried in all of the UK newspapers saving you the trouble of reading them all.

In terms of which regiments or corps you should visit, only you can answer this. What are you interested in within the army? RE presumably, what about the Infantry, RAC, RA, RLC, R Signals, AGC SPS, RMP, REME, the list goes on. Do a bit of research and see what appeals to you. Beware of any overly partisan advice on Arrse; as you might expect everyone believes their regiment, battalion or corps is the best in the army and many can't understand why you might want to join any other part. As you will already appreciate, the army has lots of very different units with very different roles, you have to decide which best suits you.
Sorry, mis-communication, I wish to view the RE & RLC but he advised me to view others. The infantry does not interest me. Thank you for the advice. I am hoping the REME visit pays off, I have chosen an engineering Corp as I am an engineer by trade.
The REME will normally only accept officers with engineering degrees, although I believe that they take a small number of non-graduates who they subsequently send to university to read engineering. A current REME officer will be able to advise better.

You should be aware that despite the similarity in name. The RE and REME have very different roles. RE do mobility (building bridges, breaching minefields, etc), counter mobility (laying minefields, digging anti-tank ditches, etc.) and building things to allows the army to live on operations (water bore-holes, sangers, etc. Broadly speaking the REME repair equipment and recover vehicles which get stuck or damaged. No doubt the RE and REME will be along shortly to correct me.

You mentioned the RLC, this has a huge variety of roles, many of which overlap those in other corps, including the RE and REME and which an RLC officer would be far more qualified than I to comment on than I.
Yes I have read extensively about both the REME & RE. The other corps were ones which the retired Colonel suggested to me. I know that they are very varied. Which was why I'm confused. I wish to do the REME as that's the current discipline I work in but I don't have a degree so that's why I never applied for it. I chose the RE as it would be a good, new & challenging experience for myself as I work as an engineer. I felt my interview went well but his corps which I should look at as I have said are very, if too varied. This is why I want some advice.
In regards to the REME and a degree, chances are you'll get involved in with DTUS. Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme. It's mostly made up of people fresh from Welbeck, about 95% of the officer cadets there will have done so. You can get on it through other means though. You'd be doing your degree having passed main board, and when you finished uni would go to Sandhurst. You'd be monitored academically and fitness-wise while you're there, and would get a bursary too, about 4000 a year. Or possibly you might go to Sandhurst first then go to university as proper officer while studying for a degree then.

I think what I've said is accurate, I've gleaned some knowledge from a family member who was CO of a DTUS unit till recently, but I may have got some things wrong
Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

(After looking at that link, it appears it's not just REME! You can do RE, RLC and Signals as part of it apparently.)
The reason behind the variety is because a lot of people go in to the careers office/AOSB with a certain area of the army in mind. Some people that go on different visits find they are more at home in a mess that they didn’t anticipate, that they might not have known without a visit. The idea behind going to see a range of different Corps/Regiments is so that you can assuredly tick off places that aren’t for you so you end up where you belong and are comfortable. Embrace the chance to see different parts of the army, it might help your service knowledge and let you get a better understanding of how the army works.
Thank you all for the helpful advice, I know that these questions might look like I'm quite unprepared, but my logic is to ask the most basic & obvious question which some applicants would fall down on. Also this is a massive career change & I want to get a good understanding of what's to come.

Thank you all again!
Sound advice from RU99 - try other corps. I have an Eng Degree, but am not in RE or REME. I chose my cap badge based on what I had seen on visits (and done in OTC).

There are plenty of other threads on here about how much "engineering" you do as a REME officer and equally in the RE. You may find you are not actually using your qualifications and to join a corps to get a degree is tricky, as you will be tied with a return of service with that corps and you still might not be doing what you particularly want to.

Have a think about the other corps and about what yo want to do as an Officer - lead men, work with eqpt, ops, exercise, in barracks role, operational role etc. Think about how long you see yourself in the Army too - I think your SSC from RMAS is now 4 years. If you're angling for in-service degree, then you go at your 2 or 3 year point I think, do 3 years and then have to serve another period of time. Is that how long you saw yourself in the Army? In another corps, you could do a full SSC (8 years if extended to that) in many different roles as you progress. Yes, you will not have a degree at the end of it, but why do you want a degree?
I wish to get a degree as I want to advance my learning and prove that I can learn at the highest level. Also I very much enjoy engineering and it's something since I have wanted since I have worked witnin engineering industry.
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